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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Composing Families of Timed AutomataGuillermina Cledou; José Paiva Proença; Luís Soares Barbosa
2013Data Abstraction in Coordination ConstraintsJosé Paiva Proença; Clarke,D
2013Executable modelling of dynamic software product lines in the ABS languageMuschevici,R; Clarke,D; José Paiva Proença
2016Feature Nets: behavioural modelling of software product linesMuschevici,R; José Paiva Proença; Clarke,D
2017Formal Verification of ROS-Based Robotic Applications Using Timed-AutomataHalder,R; José Paiva Proença; Nuno Moreira Macedo; Santos,A
2016Hitch Hiker 2.0: a binding model with flexible data aggregation for the Internet-of-ThingsRamachandran,GS; José Paiva Proença; Daniels,W; Pickavet,M; Staessens,D; Huygens,C; Joosen,W; Hughes,D
2015Hitch Hiker: A Remote Binding Model with Priority Based Data Aggregation for Wireless Sensor NetworksRamachandran,GS; Daniels,W; José Paiva Proença; Michiels,S; Joosen,W; Hughes,D; Porter,B
2013Interactive interaction constraintsJosé Paiva Proença; Clarke,D
2016A procedure for splitting data-aware processes and its application to coordinationJongmans,SungShikT.Q.; Clarke,Dave; José Paiva Proença
2017Quality-Aware Reactive Programming for the Internet of ThingsJosé Paiva Proença; Carlos Baquero
2017A Refinement Relation for Families of Timed AutomataGuillermina Cledou; José Paiva Proença; Luís Soares Barbosa
2015Refraction: Low-Cost Management of Reflective Meta-Data in Pervasive Component-Based ApplicationsDaniels,W; José Paiva Proença; Clarke,D; Joosen,W; Hughes,D
2018ReoLive: Analysing Connectors in Your BrowserJosé Paiva Proença; Cruz,R; 5901
2019Taming Hierarchical ConnectorsMadeira,A; José Paiva Proença; 5901
2015Tomography: lowering management overhead for distributed component-based applicationsDaniels,W; José Paiva Proença; Matthys,N; Joosen,W; Hughes,D
2015Typed Connector FamiliesJosé Paiva Proença; Clarke,Dave
2017Typed connector families and their semanticsJosé Paiva Proença; Clarke,D