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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Simultaneous Measurement of Curvature and Strain using a Suspended Multicore FiberK. Schuster; Marta Sofia Ferreira; J. Kobelke; Orlando Frazão; Ricardo Manuel Silva
2012Simultaneous Measurement of Partial Pressure of O2 and CO2 using Hybrid interferometerLuís Carlos Coelho; Paula Alexandra Tafulo; J. Kobelke; K. Schuster; José Luís Santos; Orlando Frazão; Pedro Jorge
2012Simultaneous Measurement of Partial Pressure of O2 and CO2 with a Hybrid InterferometerJosé Luís Santos; Luís Carlos Coelho; Orlando Frazão; J. Kobelke; K. Schuster; Diana Viegas; Paula Alexandra Tafulo; Pedro Jorge
2012Simultaneous Measurement of Strain and Temperature Based on Clover Microstructured Fiber Loop MirrorJosé Luís Santos; J. Kobelke; M. Lopez-Amo; Orlando Frazão; R. A. Perez-Herrera; Ricardo Melo André; Susana Oliveira Silva; M. Becker; K. Schuster
2011Simultaneous Measurement of Three Parameters using an all Fibre Mach-Zehnder Interferometer Based on Suspended Twin-Core FibreK. Schuster; José Luís Santos; J. Kobelke; Orlando Frazão; Susana Oliveira Silva
2012Spatial Optical Filter Using Hollow Core Silica Tube For Sensing ApplicationsK. Schuster; Orlando Frazão; José Luís Santos; Marta Sofia Ferreira; J. Kobelke
2012Temperature and Strain Sensing With Femtosecond Laser Written Bragg Gratings in Defect and Non-Defect Suspended-Silica-Core FibersPaulo Vicente Marques; H. Bartelt; M. Rothhardt; J. Kobelke; Luís André Fernandes; M. Becker; Orlando Frazão; K. Schuster; José Luís Santos
2010Temperature- and Strain-Independent Torsion Sensor using a fiber loop mirror based on a Suspended Twin-core FibreOrlando Frazão; K. Schuster; Ricardo Manuel Silva; J. Kobelke
2012Temperature-independent pressure sensor using triangular-shape of Suspended-Core fiberPedro Jorge; M. I. Zibaii; S. Nouri; J. Sadeghi; Orlando Frazão; J. Kobelke; K. Schuster; H. Latifi