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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016HDR video on mobile devices Unlocker of new opportunities for digital businessMiguel Correia Melo; Luis Barbosa; Meira,C; Frederico Branco; Maximino Bessa
2018Immersive Edition of Multisensory 360 VideosLuis Barbosa; Maximino Bessa; Teixeira,MS; José Luís Martins; Coelho,H; Miguel Correia Melo; 5408; 5095; 6516; 6279
2016The Impact of Body Position on the Usability of Multisensory Virtual Environments: Case study of a virtual bicycleMiguel Correia Melo; Rocha,Tania; Luis Barbosa; Maximino Bessa
2016The impact of different exposure times to 360 degrees video experience on the sense of presenceMiguel Correia Melo; Sampaio,S; Luis Barbosa; José Vasconcelos Raposo; Maximino Bessa
2015Information system for the management and visualization of multisensorial contentsFreitas,J; Meira,C; Miguel Correia Melo; Luis Barbosa; Maximino Bessa
2017Multisensory virtual environment for firefighter training simulation: Study of the impact of haptic feedback on task executionLuis Barbosa; Pedro Ermida Monteiro; Pinto,M; Coelho,H; Miguel Correia Melo; Maximino Bessa
2016Presence in Virtual Environments: Objective Metrics vs. Subjective Metrics - A Pilot StudyMiguel Correia Melo; Tânia Vilela Rocha; Luis Barbosa; Maximino Bessa
2010Realidade Aumentada e Ubiquidade na EducaçãoJoão Varajão; Maria Manuela Cruz-Cunha; Maria Gentil Reis; João Barreira; Luis Barbosa; Luís Gonzaga Magalhães; Maximino Bessa
2015Screen reflections impact on HDR video tone mapping for mobile devices: an evaluation studyMiguel Correia Melo; Maximino Bessa; Luis Barbosa; Debattista,K; Chalmers,A
2015Separating Gesture Detection and Application Control Concerns with a Multimodal ArchitectureLeonel Morgado; Cardoso,B; de Carvalho,F; Fernandes,L; Hugo Paredes; Luis Barbosa; Benjamim Fonseca; Paulo Martins; Nunes,RR