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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A 3D multimodal approach to precisely locate DBS electrodes in the basal ganglia brain regionNádia Moreira Silva; Rozanski,VE; João Paulo Cunha
20143D Multimodal Visualization of Subdural Electrodes with Cerebellum Removal to Guide Epilepsy Resective Surgery ProceduresNádia Moreira Silva; Rego,R; João Paulo Cunha
2014ABrIL - Advanced Brain Imaging Lab.: a cloud based computation environment for cooperative neuroimaging projectsNeves Tafula,SMN; Nádia Moreira Silva; Rozanski,VE; João Paulo Cunha
2016Automated volumetry for unilateral hippocampal sclerosis detection in patients with temporal lobe epilepsyMartins,C; Nádia Moreira Silva; Silva,G; Rozanski,VE; João Paulo Cunha
2016A connectivity-based approach to the pathophysiology of hemiballismRozanski,VE; Wick,F; Nádia Moreira Silva; Ahmadi,SA; Kammermeier,S; João Paulo Cunha; Boetzel,K; Vollmar,C
2017A diffusion-based connectivity map of the GPi for optimised stereotactic targeting in DBSNádia Moreira Silva; Ahmadi,SA; Tafula,SN; João Paulo Cunha; Botzel,K; Vollmar,C; Rozanski,VE
2014Precise 3D deep brain stimulation electrode location based on multimodal neuroimage fusionNádia Moreira Silva; Rozanski,VE; Sérgio Miguel Tafula; João Paulo Cunha
2017The Role of the Pallidothalamic Fibre Tracts in Deep Brain Stimulation for Dystonia: A Diffusion MRI Tractography StudyRozanski,VE; Nádia Moreira Silva; Ahmadi,SA; Mehrkens,J; João Paulo Cunha; Houde,JC; Vollmar,C; Botzel,K; Descoteaux,M