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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Absorption-line-locked fiber laser for gas-sensing applicationsNome Apelido; Francisco Araújo; Luís Alberto Ferreira
2012Comparative study of the antioxidant capacity of commercial drinks by TRAP, TEAC and FRAP methods against Ascorbic acid, GallicNome Apelido; Raquel Barbosa Queirós; Paula Alexandra Tafulo
2012Determination of Microcystin-LR in waters in the subnanomolar range by sol-gel imprinted polymers on solid contact electrodesNome Apelido; Raquel Barbosa Queirós; Nome Apelido; Paulo Vicente Marques; Nome Apelido
2012Emerging (bio)sensing Technology for Assessing and Monitoring Freshwater Contamination - Methods and ApplicationsNome Apelido; Raquel Barbosa Queirós; Nome Apelido; Paulo Vicente Marques
2011Femtosecond laser direct fabrication of integrated optical wave plates in fused silicaJ. S. Aitchison; Luís André Fernandes; Jason R. Grenier; Nome Apelido; Jin H. Kim; Paulo Vicente Marques; Peter R. Herman
2012Label-Free Detection of Microcystin-LR in Waters Using Real-Time Potentiometric Biosensors Based on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Imprinted PolymersPaulo Vicente Marques; Raquel Barbosa Queirós; Nome Apelido; Nome Apelido
2007Linear Tunable Dispersion Compensation Device Using Selective Stretching in Chirped Fibre Bragg GratingNome Apelido; Orlando Frazão
2012Optimizing potentiometric ionophore and electrode design for environmental on-site control of antibiotic drugs: application to sulfamethoxazole.Nome Apelido; Nome Apelido; Nome Apelido; Raquel Barbosa Queirós; Nome Apelido; Nome Apelido
2012Specifying Compiler Strategies for FPGA-based SystemsJosé Carlos Alves; João Paiva Cardoso; Nome Apelido