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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Birefringence monitoring of a Hi-Bi fibre under chemical etching through a fibre loop mirrorJosé Luís Santos; José Manuel Baptista; Orlando Frazão; Ariel Guerreiro
2015Bragg Grating Fabrication on Tapered Fiber Tips based on Focused Ion Beam MillingRicardo Melo André; Becker,M; Dellith,J; Rothhardt,M; Zibaii,MI; Latifi,H; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Bartelt,H; Orlando Frazão
2006Bragg gratings in normal and reduced diameter high birefringence fibre opticsJoão Lemos Pinto; Rogerio Nogueira; Hipolito Kalinowski; Orlando Frazão; Ilda Abe; M W Schiller
2012Brillouin Effect Characterization in All-Raman Amplified 4 ´ 40 Gb/s WDM SystemHenrique Salgado; Orlando Frazão; M. A. G. Martinez; J. C. W. Costa; B. Neto; A. M. Rocha; M. E. V. Segatto; A. P. L. Barbero; M. T. M. Rocco Giraldi; M. J. Pontes; P. S. André; A. L. J. Teixeira; José Manuel Baptista
2007Brillouin Fibre Laser discrete Sensor for Simultaneous Strain and Temperature MeasurementOrlando Frazão; José Luís Santos; Manuel Joaquim Marques; José Manuel Baptista
2011Brillouin Stokes comb generated in a distributed fiber Raman amplifierOrlando Frazão; Hugo Fidalgo Martins; Manuel Joaquim Marques
2016CAVITY RING-DOWN TECHNIQUE FOR REMOTE SENSINGSusana Oliveira Silva; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Orlando Frazão
2016Cavity ring-down technique for remote sensing A proof-of-concept for displacement measurementSusana Oliveira Silva; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Orlando Frazão
2014Cavity Ring-Down with OTDR for remote sensingPassos,DJ; Susana Oliveira Silva; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Orlando Frazão
2015Centre of mass determination based on an optical weighing machine using fiber Bragg gratingsOliveira,R; Paulo Roriz Oliveira; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Orlando Frazão
2011Characterization of Optical Fiber Long Period Grating Refractometer coated with a NanolayerPaulo Caldas; Eliana Simões; Orlando Frazão; joão L. Pinto; Ilda Abe; João Oliveira
2013Chemical sensing by differential thermal analysis with a digitally controlled fiber optic interferometerGoncalves,LC; Gerardo Aguilar; Orlando Frazão; José Manuel Baptista; Pedro Jorge
2015CHIRPED FIBER BRAGG GRATING CAVITY RING-DOWN FOR STRAIN SENSING USING AN OTDRSusana Oliveira Silva; Passos,DJ; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Orlando Frazão
2011Cladding modes FBG curvature sensor based on a core misaligned spliceCarlos Jesus Gouveia; Orlando Frazão; Pedro Jorge; José Manuel Baptista
2018Cleaved Silica Microsphere for Temperature MeasurementAndré Delgado Gomes; Beatriz Machado Silveira; Dellith,J; Becker,M; Rothhard,M; Bartelt,H; Orlando Frazão; 4061; 6406; 6684
2013Coherent noise reduction in high visibility phase-sensitive optical time domain reflectometer for distributed sensing of ultrasonic wavesMartins,HF; Martin Lopez,S; Corredera,P; Filograno,ML; Orlando Frazão; Gonzalez Herraez,M
2011Comparison between two different configurations of Brillouin-Raman comb fiber laserHugo Fidalgo Martins; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Orlando Frazão
2011Comparison of Brillouin-Raman comb fiber laser in two different configurationsHugo Fidalgo Martins; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Orlando Frazão
2014Comparison of the use of first and second-order Raman amplification to assist a phase-sensitive optical time domain reflectometer in distributed vibration sensing over 125 kmHugo Fidalgo Martins; Martin Lopez,S; Filograno,ML; Corredera,P; Orlando Frazão; Gonzalez Herraez,M
2011Controlling the sensitivity of a Non-adiabatic tapered optical fiber for measuring the refractive index using all fiber Sagnac loop Interferometermohammad zibaii; H. Latifi; Pedro Jorge; Orlando Frazão