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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Decentralized Vs. Centralized Sequencing in a Complex Job-Shop SchedulingAfshin Mehrsai; Gonçalo Reis Figueira; Santos,N; Pedro Amorim; Bernardo Almada-Lobo
2015A decision support system for the operational production planning and scheduling of an integrated pulp and paper millGonçalo Reis Figueira; Pedro Amorim; Luís Guimarães; Mário Amorim Lopes; Fábio Silva Moreira; Bernardo Almada-Lobo
2016Defining the Best distribution Network for Grocery Retail StoresPedro Amorim; Sara Sofia Martins; Eduardo Ferian Curcio; Bernardo Almada-Lobo
2018Delivery mode planning for distribution to brick-and-mortar retail stores: discussion and literature reviewSara Sofia Martins; Pedro Amorim; Bernardo Almada-Lobo; 5964; 6061; 5428
2015Design of retail backroom storage: A research opportunity?Maria João Pires; Pedro Amorim; Liz,J; Pratas,J
2016Effects of price and transportation costs in soybean tradedos Reis,JGM; Pedro Amorim; José Sarsfield Cabral
2017A framework for designing backroom areas in grocery storesMaria João Pires; Pratas,J; Liz,J; Pedro Amorim
2014Hierarchical scheduling of continuous casters and hot strip mills in the steel industry: a block planning applicationMattik,I; Pedro Amorim; Guenther,HO
2015A hybrid path-relinking method for solving two-stage stochastic integer problemsPedro Amorim; Costa,AM; Bernardo Almada-Lobo
2014The impact of food perishability issues in the vehicle routing problemPedro Amorim; Bernardo Almada-Lobo
2015Industrial insights into lot sizing and schedulingmodelingBernardo Almada-Lobo; Clark,A; Luís Guimarães; Gonçalo Reis Figueira; Pedro Amorim
2014Influence of consumer purchasing behaviour on the production planning of perishable foodPedro Amorim; Costa,AM; Bernardo Almada-Lobo
2012Integrated Production and Distribution Planning of Perishable GoodsPedro Amorim
2018Loading constraints for a multi-compartment vehicle routing problemSara Sofia Martins; Ostermeier,M; Pedro Amorim; Huebner,A; 5964; 6061
2016A long-haul freight transportation problem: Synchronizing resources to deliver requests passing through multiple transshipment locationsFábio Silva Moreira; Pedro Amorim; Luís Guimarães; Bernardo Almada-Lobo
2013Lot sizing versus batching in the production and distribution planning of perishable goodsPedro Amorim; Belo Filho,MAF; Toledo,FMB; Almeder,C; Bernardo Almada-Lobo
2013Managing perishability in production-distribution planning: a discussion and reviewPedro Amorim; Meyr,H; Almeder,C; Bernardo Almada-Lobo
2015Modeling lot sizing and scheduling in practiceLuís Guimarães; Gonçalo Reis Figueira; Pedro Amorim; Bernardo Almada-Lobo
2012Multi-objective integrated production and distribution planning of perishable productsH Gunther; Bernardo Almada-Lobo; Pedro Amorim
2011Multi-Objective Lot-Sizing and Scheduling Dealing with Perishability IssuesCarlos Antunes; Bernardo Almada-Lobo; Pedro Amorim