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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014GTE-cluster: A temporal search interface for implicit temporal queriesRicardo Campos; Dias,G; Alípio Jorge; Nunes,C
2016GTE-Rank: A time-aware search engine to answer time-sensitive queriesRicardo Campos; Dias,G; Alípio Jorge; Nunes,C
2014GTE-Rank: Searching for Implicit Temporal Query ResultsRicardo Campos; Dias,G; Alípio Jorge; Nunes,C
2012GTE: A Distributional Second-Order Co-Occurrence Approach to Improve the Identification of Top Relevant Dates in Web SnippetsGael Dias; Ricardo Campos; Célia Nunes; Alípio Jorge
2017Identifying top relevant dates for implicit time sensitive queriesRicardo Campos; Dias,G; Alípio Jorge; Nunes,C
2017Interactive System for Reasoning about Document AgeJatowt,A; Ricardo Campos
2017Learning Temporal Ambiguity in Web Search QueriesMansouri,B; Zahedi,MS; Rahgozar,M; Oroumchian,F; Ricardo Campos
2009Os Sistemas de Informação Regionais das Cidades e Regiões Digitais na vertente InfraestruturalRicardo Campos
2018PrefaceRicardo Campos; Sérgio Nunes; Jatowt,A; Alípio Jorge; 4981; 5782; 5448
2016Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Recent Trends in News Information Retrieval co-located with 38th European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR 2016), Padua, Italy, March 20, 2016Alvarez,MM; Kruschwitz,U; Kazai,G; Hopfgartner,F; Corney,D; Ricardo Campos; Albakour,D
2015Survey of Temporal Information Retrieval and Related ApplicationsRicardo Campos; Dias,G; Alípio Jorge; Jatowt,A
2012Temporal Web Image RetrievalAdam Jatowt; Ricardo Campos; Gaël Dias; José Moreno
2018A Text Feature Based Automatic Keyword Extraction Method for Single DocumentsRicardo Campos; Vítor Mangaravite; Arian Rodrigo Pasquali; Alípio Jorge; Nunes,C; Jatowt,A
2015Time and information retrieval: Introduction to the special issueDerczynski,L; Stroetgen,J; Ricardo Campos; Alonso,O
2011Using k-top Retrieved Web Snippets to Date Temporal Implicit Queries based on Web Content AnalysisRicardo Campos
2011Using Web Snippets and Query-logs to Measure Implicit Temporal Intents in QueriesRicardo Campos; Gaël Dias; Alípio Jorge
2011What is the Temporal Value of Web Snippets?Ricardo Campos; Alípio Jorge; Gaël Dias
2018YAKE! Collection-Independent Automatic Keyword ExtractorRicardo Campos; Vítor Mangaravite; Arian Rodrigo Pasquali; Alípio Jorge; Nunes,C; Jatowt,A