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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013CodeSkelGen - A program skeleton generatorRicardo Queirós
2013crimsonHex: a learning objects repository for programming exercisesRicardo Queirós; José Paulo Leal
2014Design a computer programming learning environment for massive open online coursesRicardo Queirós
2016Design and implementation of an IDE for learning programming languages using a gamification serviceJosé Carlos Paiva; José Paulo Leal; Ricardo Queirós
2012A distributed system for learning programming on-lineRicardo Queirós; Elena Verdú; Luisa M. Regueras; María J. Verdú; José Paulo Leal; Juan P. de Castro
2016Enki: A Pedagogical Services Aggregator for Learning Programming LanguagesJosé Carlos Paiva; José Paulo Leal; Ricardo Queirós
2013Ensemble - an E-Learning FrameworkRicardo Queirós; José Paulo Leal
2014Ensemble: An innovative approach to practice computer programmingRicardo Queirós; José Paulo Leal
2014ESEIG Mobile: An M-Learning Approach in a Superior SchoolRicardo Queirós; Pinto,Mario
2013An Example-Based Generator of XSLT ProgramsJosé Paulo Leal; Ricardo Queirós
2016Gamification of Learning Activities with the Odin serviceJosé Carlos Paiva; José Paulo Leal; Ricardo Queirós
2016Integrating Rich Learning Applications in LMSRicardo Queirós; José Paulo Leal; José Carlos Paiva
2014JSON on mobile: Is there an efficient parser?Ricardo Queirós
2016Learning Computer Science Languages in EnkiJosé Carlos Paiva; José Paulo Leal; Ricardo Queirós
2017Magni - A Framework for Developing Context-Aware Mobile ApplicationsRicardo Queirós; Portela,F; Machado,J
2013Making Programming Exercises Interoperable with PExILRicardo Queirós; José Paulo Leal
2015Odin: A Service for Gamification of Learning ActivitiesJosé Carlos Paiva; José Paulo Leal; Ricardo Queirós
2012Orchestration of E-Learning Services for Automatic Evaluation of Programming ExercisesJosé Paulo Leal; Ricardo Queirós
2013Seqins - A sequencing tool for educational resourcesRicardo Queirós; José Paulo Leal; Campos,J
2014Sequencing Educational Resources with SeqinsRicardo Queirós; José Paulo Leal; Campos,J