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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012ICT4Depression: service oriented architecture applied to the treatment of depressionEric Tousset; Pepijn van de Ven; Elaine McGovern; Thibaut Gauthier; Artur Rocha; Ricardo Henriques; João Correia Lopes; Rui Camacho; Michel Klein; Gabriele Modena
2013Improving the performance of Transposable Elements detection toolsLoureiro,T; Rui Camacho; Vieira,J; Nuno Fonseca
2013Inferring UI Patterns with Inductive Logic ProgrammingNabuco,M; Ana Cristina Paiva; Rui Camacho; João Pascoal Faria
2013Integrative functional statistics in logic programmingAngelopoulos,N; Vítor Santos Costa; Azevedo,J; Wielemaker,J; Rui Camacho; Wessels,L
2017Learning influential genes on cancer gene expression data with stacked denoising autoencodersTeixeira,V; Rui Camacho; Ferreira,PG
2016Parallel Algorithms for Multirelational Data Mining: Application to Life Science ProblemsRui Camacho; Barbosa,JorgeG.; Sampaio,AltinoM.; Ladeiras,Joao; Nuno Fonseca; Vítor Santos Costa
2015Predicting Drugs Adverse Side-Effects Using a Recommender-SystemPinto,D; Costa,P; Rui Camacho; Vítor Santos Costa
2012Predicting the secondary structure of proteins using Machine Learning algorithmsNuno Fonseca; Vítor Santos Costa; Alexandre Magalhães; Miguel de Sousa; Vânia Guimarães; Natacha Rosa; Rui Camacho; Rita Ferreira
2017QmihR: Pipeline for Quantification of Microbiome in Human RNA-seqCavadas,B; Ferreira,J; Rui Camacho; Nuno Fonseca; Pereira,L