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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A Methodology for the Evaluation and Deployment of Wireless Multi-hop Networks in Smart GridsDavid Emanuel Rua; Filipe André Ribeiro; Rui Lopes Campos; José Ruela; João Peças Lopes
2005Network Composition using Existing and New TechnologiesN. Akhtar; C. Kappler; Rui Lopes Campos
2011Network infrastructure extension using 802.1D-based wireless mesh networksManuel Ricardo; Ricardo Duarte; Filipe Sousa; José Ruela; Rui Lopes Campos
2007A New Approach for Slideshow Presentation at Working MeetingsRui Lopes Campos; Bernardo Gaspar; Carlos Pinho; Ricardo Morla
2009A New Efficient Mechanism for Establishing IP Connectivity between Ambient NetworksRui Lopes Campos; Manuel Ricardo
2015Novel ns-3 model enabling simulation of electromagnetic wireless underground networksConceição,Sergio; Filipe André Ribeiro; Rui Lopes Campos; Manuel Ricardo
2015A ns-3 based simulator of TCP/IP Wireless Underground NetworksConceicao,S; Filipe André Ribeiro; Rui Lopes Campos; Manuel Ricardo
2006On the Evaluation of the Extended Generic Internet Signalling Transport ProtocolRui Lopes Campos
2013PACE: Simple Multi-hop Scheduling for Single-radio 802.11-based Stub Wireless Mesh NetworksFilipe André Ribeiro; Rui Lopes Campos; David Emanuel Rua; Pinho,C; José Ruela
2006Scalability of Name Resolution for Ambient NetworksP. Paakkonen; N. Akhtar; Rui Lopes Campos
2004Scenarios for Network Composition in Ambient Networks: a new paradigm for InternetworkingCarlos Pinho; Rui Lopes Campos; Manuel Ricardo; José Ruela
2013Simple and backwards compatible layer-2 routing for multi-technology personal area networksRui Lopes Campos; Manuel Ricardo
2016Strengthening marine and maritime research and technologyEduardo Silva; Alfredo Martins; De Sa,FA; André Dias; Matos,A; Olivier,A; Pinho,C; Hugo Alexandre Ferreira; Hugo Miguel Silva; José Carlos Alves; José Miguel Almeida; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Manuel Ricardo; Nuno Cruz; Nuno Dias; Monica,P; Pedro Jorge; Rui Lopes Campos
2015TEC4SEA - A modular platform for research, test and validation of technologies supporting a sustainable blue economyMonica,P; Alfredo Martins; Olivier,A; Aníbal Matos; José Miguel Almeida; Nuno Cruz; José Carlos Alves; Henrique Salgado; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Pedro Jorge; Rui Lopes Campos; Manuel Ricardo; Pinho,C; Silva,A; Jesus,S; Eduardo Silva
2016Tethered Balloons and TV White Spaces: A Solution for Real-time Marine Data Transfer at Remote Ocean AreasFilipe Borges Teixeira; Tiago Telmo Oliveira; Mário Jorge Lopes; José Ruela; Rui Lopes Campos; Manuel Ricardo
2017A Trace-based ns-3 Simulation Approach for Perpetuating Real-World ExperimentsHélder Martins Fontes; Rui Lopes Campos; Manuel Ricardo
2015UNIT: Multicast using Unicast TreesFilipe Borges Teixeira; Coutinho,N; Figueira,D; Rui Lopes Campos; Sargento,S; José Ruela
2010Using Directional Antennas on Stub Wireless Mesh Networks: Impact on Throughput, Delay and FairnessRui Lopes Campos; Saravanan Kandasamy; Manuel Ricardo; Ricardo Morla
2014Wi-Fi broadband maritime communications using 5.8 GHz bandMário Jorge Lopes; Filipe Borges Teixeira; Mamede,JB; Rui Lopes Campos
2017Wi-Green: Optimization of the Power Consumption of Wi-Fi Networks Sensitive to Traffic PatternsRocha,H; Cacoilo,T; Rodrigues,P; Kandasamy,S; Rui Lopes Campos