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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018ECIR 2018: Text2Story Workshop - Narrative Extraction from TextsConceição Nunes Rocha; Sérgio Nunes; Jatowt,A; Ricardo Campos; Alípio Jorge; Mangaravite,V; Pasquali,A; João Cordeiro; 4981; 5782; 5849; 6121; 5448
2016Exploring a Large News Collection Using Visualization ToolsTiago Nuno Devezas; José Luís Devezas; Sérgio Nunes
2017FEUP at TREC 2017 OpenSearch Track Graph-Based Models for Entity-OrientedJosé Luís Devezas; Carla Lopes; Sérgio Nunes; 5585; 6205; 5448
2017Graph-Based Entity-Oriented Search: Imitating the Human Process of Seeking and Cross Referencing InformationJosé Luís Devezas; Sérgio Nunes
2013The impact of time in link-based Web rankingSérgio Nunes; Cristina Ribeiro; Gabriel David
2016Index-Based Semantic Tagging for Efficient Query InterpretationJosé Luís Devezas; Sérgio Nunes
2015The influence of documents, users and tasks on the relevance and comprehension of health web documentsOroszlanyova,M; Cristina Ribeiro; Sérgio Nunes; Carla Lopes
2017Information Extraction for Event RankingJosé Luís Devezas; Sérgio Nunes
2010Information Retrieval on Time-Dependent CollectionsSérgio Nunes
2015MediaViz: An Interactive Visualization Platform for Online Media StudiesTiago Nuno Devezas; Sérgio Nunes; Rodríguez,MT
2018Merging Datasets for Hate Speech Classification in ItalianSérgio Nunes; Fortuna,P; Bonavita,I; 5448
2016Predicting the comprehension of health web documents using characteristics of documents and usersOroszlanyova,M; Carla Lopes; Sérgio Nunes; Cristina Ribeiro
2017Predicting the situational relevance of health web documentsOroszlanyova,M; Carla Lopes; Sérgio Nunes; Cristina Ribeiro
2018PrefaceRicardo Campos; Sérgio Nunes; Jatowt,A; Alípio Jorge; 4981; 5782; 5448
2018Social Media and Information Consumption DiversitySérgio Nunes; José Luís Devezas; 5448; 5585
2012Studying a Personality Coreference Network in a News Stories Photo CollectionCristina Ribeiro; José Luís Devezas; Filipe Emanuel Coelho; Sérgio Nunes
2015Summarization of changes in dynamic text collections using Latent Dirichlet Allocation modelKar,M; Sérgio Nunes; Cristina Ribeiro
2018A Survey on Automatic Detection of Hate Speech in TextSérgio Nunes; Fortuna,P; 5448
2015Telling stories with data visualizationRodríguez,MT; Sérgio Nunes; Tiago Nuno Devezas
2010Term frequency dynamics in collaborative articlesSérgio Nunes; Cristina Ribeiro; Gabriel David