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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Active Manifold Learning with Twitter Big DataSilva,C; Mário João Antunes; Costa,J; Ribeiro,B
2017Adaptive learning for dynamic environments: A comparative approachCosta,J; Silva,C; Mário João Antunes; Ribeiro,B
2017Analysis and quantification of upper-limb movement in motor rehabilitation after strokeSilva,RM; Sousa,E; Fonseca,P; Pinheiro,AR; Silva,C; Miguel Velhote Correia; Mouta,S
2014Anticipatory postural adjustments during sitting reach movement in post-stroke subjectsPereira,S; Silva,CC; Ferreira,S; Silva,C; Oliveira,N; Santos,R; Vilas Boas,JP; Miguel Velhote Correia
2014Automatic simulation calibration: An evaluation of search-based metaheuristics applied to IEC 61131-3 based automation in the power systems domainSilva,C; Rossetti,RJF; Jorge Correia Pereira
2016Choice of Best Samples for Building Ensembles in Dynamic EnvironmentsCosta,J; Silva,C; Mário João Antunes; Ribeiro,B
2013Crowdtargeting: Making crowds more personalCosta,J; Silva,C; Ribeiro,B; Mário João Antunes
2013Customized crowds and active learning to improve classificationCosta,J; Silva,C; Mário João Antunes; Ribeiro,B
2013Defining Semantic Meta-hashtags for Twitter ClassificationCosta,J; Silva,C; Mário João Antunes; Ribeiro,B
2015DOTS: Drift Oriented Tool SystemCósta,J; Silva,C; Mário João Antunes; Ribeiro,B
2015Health Twitter Big Bata Management with Hadoop FrameworkCunha,J; Silva,C; Mário João Antunes
2015The Impact of Longstanding Messages In Micro-Blogging ClassificationCosta,J; Silva,C; Mário João Antunes; Ribeiro,B
2016Information System for Automation of Counterfeited Documents Images CorrelationVieira,R; Silva,C; Mário João Antunes; Assis,A
2014Low-Cost Wearable Data Acquisition for Stroke Rehabilitation: A Proof-of-Concept Study on Accelerometry for Functional Task AssessmentSalazar,AJ; Silva,AS; Silva,C; Borges,CM; Miguel Velhote Correia; Santos,RS; Vilas Boas,JP
2016A telemedicine application using WebRTCMário João Antunes; Silva,C; Barranca,J