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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Validation of Fuzzy Inference Models for Spatial Load Forecasting ; Tatjana Konjic; Vladimiro Miranda; Cláudio Monteiro
2002Validation Process for Fuzzy Spatial Load ForecastingCláudio Monteiro; Vladimiro Miranda; Teresa Ponce Leão
2008Well-being analysis for composite generation and transmission systems based on pattern recognition techniquesArmando Leite da Silva; Vladimiro Miranda; Leonidas C. de Resende; L . A. da Fonseca Manso
1998Why Risk Analysis Outperforms Probabilistic Choice As The Effective Decision Support Paradigm For Power Systems PlanningLuis Miguel Proença; Vladimiro Miranda
2011Wind Power Forecast Uncertainty in Daily Operation of Wind Park Combined with StorageHrvoje Keko; Vladimiro Miranda; Mauro Rosa; Jean Sumaili
2011Wind Power Forecast with Probability Density Estimation: a Tool for the BusinessJianhui Wang; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Vladimiro Miranda; Jean Sumaili; Audun Botterud; Zhi Zhou
2009Wind Power Forecasting and Electricity Market OperationsAudun Botterud; Vladimiro Miranda; Jianhui Wang; Cláudio Monteiro
2010Wind Power Forecasting in U.S. Electricity MarketsAudun Botterud; Vladimiro Miranda; Jianhui Wang; Ricardo Jorge Bessa
2011Wind Power Forecasting Uncertainty and Unit CommitmentHrvoje Keko; Leonel Magalhães Carvalho; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Diego Issicaba; Jianhui Wang; Audun Botterud; Vladimiro Miranda; Jean Sumaili
2008Wind Power Forecasting With Entropy-Based Criteria AlgorithmsRicardo Jorge Bessa; Vladimiro Miranda; João Gama
2011Wind Power Forecasting, Unit Commitment, and Electricity Market OperationsVladimiro Miranda; Audun Botterud; Jianhui Wang; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Hrvoje Keko; Jean Sumaili
2012Wind Power Trading under Uncertainty in LMP MarketsJean Sumaili; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Hrvoje Keko; Vladimiro Miranda; Audun Botterud; Jianhui Wang; Zhi Zhou