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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018ALARS - Automated Launch And Recovery System for AUVsNuno Cruz; Carlos Filipe Gonçalves; Almeida,RM; Vitor Hugo Pinto; 6852; 6920; 5155
2019Altitude control of an underwater vehicle based on computer visionNuno Cruz; Rodrigues,PM; Pinto,AM; 5155
2014Autonomous Tracking of a Horizontal BoundaryNuno Cruz; Aníbal Matos; 5155; 5158
2017Cooperative deep water seafloor mapping with heterogeneous robotic platformsPinto,A; Dias,A; Melo,J; Alfredo Martins; Abreu,N; Almeida,J; Almeida,R; José Carlos Alves; Carlos Filipe Gonçalves; Ferreira,H; Ferreira,B; Nuno Cruz; Silva,E; Aníbal Matos; Hugo Miguel Silva; Eduardo Silva; Vitor Hugo Pinto; 5570; 258; 5155; 5158; 5429; 5473; 6852; 6920
2017DART - A portable deep water hovering AUVAníbal Matos; Bruno Miguel Ferreira; Almeida,RM; Nuno Cruz; 5158; 5238; 5155
2018Development of a Dynamic Model for Twin Hull ASVsAndré Filipe Coelho; Bruno Miguel Ferreira; Vitor Hugo Pinto; Nuno Cruz; 7259; 6852; 5238; 5155; 6599
2017Development of an autonomous underwater profiler for coastal areasNuno Cruz; Monteiro,JM; 5155
2019Development of an Electrohydraulic Variable Buoyancy SystemCarneiro,JF; Pinto,JB; Nuno Cruz; de Almeida,FG; 5155
2018Guidance of an Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Underwater Navigation AidNuno Cruz; Sousa,JP; Bruno Miguel Ferreira; 5238; 5155
2019Optimizing the Power Budget of Hovering AUVsNuno Cruz; 5155
2019Pushing for Higher Autonomy and Cooperative Behaviors in Maritime RoboticsCurtin,TB; Nuno Cruz; Djapic,V; Potter,JR; Kirkwood,WJ; 5155