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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Accelerating Recommender Systems using GPUsAndré Valente Rodrigues; Alípio Jorge; Inês Dutra
2015Accelerating Recommender Systems using GPUsAndré Valente Rodrigues; Alípio Jorge; Inês Dutra
2016Assessing topic discovery evaluation measures on Facebook publications of political activists in BrazilArian Rodrigo Pasquali; Canavarro,M; Ricardo Campos; Alípio Jorge
2017Assessment of predictive learning methods for the completion of gaps in well log dataRui Lourenço Lopes; Alípio Jorge
2016Automatic Classification of Anuran Sounds Using Convolutional Neural NetworksJuan Gariel Colonna; Peet,T; Carlos Ferreira; Alípio Jorge; Elsa Ferreira Gomes; João Gama
2013Binary recommender systems: Introduction, an application and outlookAlípio Jorge
2016Can Metalearning Be Applied to Transfer on Heterogeneous Datasets?Catarina Félix Oliveira; Carlos Manuel Soares; Alípio Jorge
2017Classifying Heart Sounds Using Images of MFCC and Temporal FeaturesDiogo Marcelo Nogueira; Carlos Ferreira; Alípio Jorge
2013Classifying heart sounds using multiresolution time series motifs: An exploratory studyElsa Ferreira Gomes; Alípio Jorge; Paulo Jorge Azevedo
2014Classifying heart sounds using SAX motifs, random forests and text mining techniquesElsa Ferreira Gomes; Alípio Jorge; Paulo Jorge Azevedo
2015Collaborative filtering with recency-based negative feedbackJoão Marques Silva; Alípio Jorge; João Gama
2013Combining usage and content in an online recommendation system for music in the Long TailDomingues,MA; Fabien Gouyon; Alípio Jorge; José Paulo Leal; João Marques Silva; Lemos,L; Sordo,M
2013Comparing relational and non-relational algorithms for clustering propositional dataMotta,R; Nogueira,BM; Alípio Jorge; De Andrade Lopes,A; Rezende,SO; De Oliveira,MCF
2012Comparing state-of-the-art regression methods for long term travel time predictionJoão Mendes Moreira; Jorge Freire de Sousa; Alípio Jorge
2012D-Confidence: an active learning strategy to reduce label disclosure complexity in the presence of imbalanced class distributionsAlípio Jorge; Nuno Escudeiro
2014A data warehouse to support web site automationDomingues,MA; Carlos Manuel Soares; Alípio Jorge; Rezende,SO
2013Dimensions as Virtual Items: Improving the predictive ability of top-N recommender systemsDomingues,MA; Alípio Jorge; Carlos Manuel Soares
2012Disambiguating Implicit Temporal Queries by Clustering Top Relevant Dates in Web SnippetsRicardo Campos; Alípio Jorge; Célia Nunes; Gaël Dias
2018Discovering a taste for the unusual: exceptional models for preference miningde Sa,CR; Knobbe,A; Carlos Manuel Soares; Alípio Jorge; Paulo Jorge Azevedo; Duivesteijn,W; 4981; 5606; 5001