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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013ANOSOV DIFFEOMORPHISMSJoão Paulo Almeida; Fisher,AM; Alberto Pinto; Rand,DA
2016Anosov Diffeomorphisms and -TilingsJoão Paulo Almeida; Alberto Pinto
2012Applying Reliability Centered Maintenance to a Digital Protective RelayAlberto Pinto; Helder Tavares; Hélder Leite
2015Approximate equilibria for a T cell and treg modelBruno Mendes Oliveira; Figueiredo,IP; Burroughs,NJ; Alberto Pinto
2011Autoimmunity arising from bystander proliferation of T cells in an immune response modelBruno Mendes Oliveira; N.J. Burroughs; M. Ferreira; Alberto Pinto
2011Bayesian-Nash equilibria in theory of planned behaviorLuís Miguel Miranda; Alberto Pinto; Helena Ferreira; José Cruz
2011Behavioural and dynamical scenarios for contingent claims valuation in incomplete marketsL. Boukas; Alberto Pinto; A.N. Yannacopoulos; S.Z. Xanthopoulos; Diogo Pinheiro
2014BHP universality in energy sourcesHelena Ferreira; Rui Gonçalves; Alberto Pinto
2017A bifurcation theorem for evolutionary matrix models with multiple traitsCushing,JM; Luís Filipe Martins; Alberto Pinto; Veprauskas,A
2017Bistability of Evolutionary Stable Vaccination Strategies in the Reinfection SIRI ModelJosé Martins; Alberto Pinto
2007Cantor exchange systems and renormalizationF. Ferreira; Alberto Pinto; David Rand
2015Characterizations of power indices based on null player free winning coalitionsAlvarez Mozos,M; Ferreira,F; Alonso Meijide,JM; Alberto Pinto
2006The circle and the solenoidAlberto Pinto; D. Sullivan
1995Classifying C^{1+} structures on dynamical fractals: 1. The moduli space of solenoid functions for Markov maps on train tracksAlberto Pinto; David Rand
2014Complete versus Incomplete Information in the Hotelling ModelAlberto Pinto; Telmo Parreira
2015A Consumption-Investment Problem with a Diminishing Basket of GoodsMousa,AS; Pinheiro,D; Alberto Pinto
2009Cycles and universality in sunspot numbers _fluctuationsAlberto Pinto; Nico Stollenwerk; Rui Gonçalves
2009Cycles and universality in sunspot numbers fluctuationsRui Gonçalves; Alberto Pinto; Nico Stollenwerk
2016Difference Equations, Discrete Dynamical Systems and ApplicationsAlsedà i Soler,L; Cushing,JM; Elaydi,S; Alberto Pinto