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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Accounting for uncertainty in search operations using AUVsNuno Miguel Abreu; Nuno Cruz; Aníbal Matos
2010Adaptive Sampling of Thermoclines with Autonomous Underwater VehiclesAníbal Matos; Nuno Cruz
2015Autonomous tracking of a horizontal boundaryNuno Cruz; Aníbal Matos
2014Autonomous Tracking of a Horizontal BoundaryNuno Cruz; Aníbal Matos; 5155; 5158
2009Avaliação de Impacte Ambiental e Modelização de Descargas de Águas Residuais usando Observações Bio-ópticas de Veículos Submarinos AutónomosPatrícia Ramos; Aníbal Matos; Nuno Cruz; Nuno Miguel Abreu
2016BLUECOM plus : Cost-effective Broadband Communications at Remote Ocean AreasRui Lopes Campos; Tiago Telmo Oliveira; Nuno Cruz; Aníbal Matos; José Miguel Almeida
2017Case-based replaiming of search missions using AUVsNuno Miguel Abreu; Aníbal Matos
2009Control of the MARES Autonomous Underwater VehicleAníbal Matos; Bruno Miguel Ferreira; Miguel Armando Pinto
2015CONTROLO’2014 – Proceedings of the 11th Portuguese Conference on Automatic ControlAntónio Paulo Moreira; Aníbal Matos; Germano Veiga
2017Cooperative deep water seafloor mapping with heterogeneous robotic platformsPinto,A; Dias,A; Melo,J; Alfredo Martins; Abreu,N; Almeida,J; Almeida,R; José Carlos Alves; Carlos Filipe Gonçalves; Ferreira,H; Ferreira,B; Nuno Cruz; Silva,E; Aníbal Matos; Hugo Miguel Silva; Eduardo Silva; Vitor Hugo Pinto; 5570; 258; 5155; 5158; 5429; 5473; 6852; 6920
2016Coordination of Marine Robots Under Tracking Errors and Communication ConstraintsBruno Miguel Ferreira; Aníbal Matos; Nuno Cruz; António Paulo Moreira
2017DART - A portable deep water hovering AUVAníbal Matos; Bruno Miguel Ferreira; Almeida,RM; Nuno Cruz; 5158; 5238; 5155
2019A data-driven particle filter for terrain based navigation of sensor-limited autonomous underwater vehiclesAníbal Matos; Melo,J; 5158
2016Design and development of SHAD - A Small Hovering AUV with Differential actuationCarlos Filipe Gonçalves; Bruno Miguel Ferreira; Aníbal Matos
2014Designing search and rescue robots towards realistic user requirementsDoroftei,D; Aníbal Matos; de Cubber,G
2009Environmental assessment and modeling of wastewater discharges using autonomous underwater vehicles bio-optical observationsPatrícia Ramos; Nuno Miguel Abreu; Nuno Cruz; Aníbal Matos
2010Estimation Approach for AUV Navigation Using a Single Acoustic BeaconNuno Cruz; Bruno Miguel Ferreira; Aníbal Matos
2013Fast 3D Map Matching Localisation AlgorithmPinto,M; António Paulo Moreira; Aníbal Matos; Héber Miguel Sobreira; Filipe Neves Santos
2011Fault Tolerant Depth Control of the MARES AUVBruno Miguel Ferreira; Aníbal Matos; Nuno Cruz
2017Flexible unmanned surface vehicles enabling future internet experimentally-driven researchBruno Miguel Ferreira; André Filipe Coelho; Lopes,M; Aníbal Matos; Carlos Filipe Gonçalves; Kandasamy,S; Rui Lopes Campos; Barbosa,J