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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20113DWikiU - 3D Wiki For Urban EnvironmentsAntónio Coelho; Pedro Brandão Silva; Luís Gonzaga Magalhães; Augusto Sousa; José Cruz; Fernando Ferreira; Artur Rocha; João Moura; Maximino Bessa; Miguel Correia Melo
2009Adapting traditional web applications to new user interfaces provided by rich internet applicationsNelson Bilber Rodrigues; Lino Oliveira; António Coelho
2017Adaptivity and safety in location-based gamesJoão Tiago Jacob; Rui Silva Nóbrega; António Coelho; Rui Pedro Rodrigues
2019Age and level of education impact on expectancy and perceived similarity between virtual and real touristic environmentsMagalhaes,M; Maximino Bessa; António Coelho; Miguel Correia Melo; 5095; 3132; 5408
2017Applying an Extended Kernel Density 4-Step Floating Catchment Area Method to Identify Priority Districts to Promote New Publicly Financed Supply of Gastroenterology ExamsPolzin,P; José Luís Borges; António Coelho
2008Automatic Parameterization for Expeditious Modelling of Virtual Urban Environments - A New Hybrid MetaheuristicFilipe Cruz; António Coelho; Luís Paulo Reis
2013Automatic Street Surface Modeling for Web-Based Urban Information SystemsDolores Robles Ortega,MD; Ortega,L; António Coelho; Feito,F; Augusto Sousa
2012AUV Planning, An application for AUV mission planningRicardo Emanuel Gonçalves; António Coelho; Rui Pedro Rodrigues
2015Building Virtual Roads from Computer Made ProjectsCampos,C; Miguel Leitão; António Coelho
2015Cities in citizens' handsLeonel Morgado; Rui Pedro Rodrigues; António Coelho; Magano,O; Calcada,T; Cunha,PT; Echave,C; Kordas,O; Sama,S; Oliver,J; Ang,J; Deravi,F; Ricardo Silva Bento; Ramos,L
2017Clueking: Allowing parents to customize an informal learning environment for childrenNisi,V; Cesário,V; António Coelho
2017Command and Control Systems for Search and Rescue RobotsGovindaraj,S; Letier,P; Chintamani,K; Gancet,J; Jimenez,MN; Esbrí,MÁ; Musialik,P; Bedkowski,J; Badiola,I; Gonçalves,R; António Coelho; Serrano,D; Tosa,M; Pfister,T; Sanchez,JM
2011THE CONCEPT OF VINEYARD PARCEL FOR THE DOURO DELIMITED REGIONFernando Martins; Lino Oliveira; Alfredo Silva; João Carvalhais; António Coelho; Lígia Silva
2016A decision support method to identify target geographic markets for health care providersPolzin,P; José Luís Borges; António Coelho
2016EditorialVaz de Carvalho,C; Escudeiro,P; António Coelho
2012ERAS - An Ontology-Based Tool for Expeditious Reconstruction of Virtual Cultural Heritage SitesMaximino Bessa; Telmo Oliveira Adão; Luís Gonzaga Magalhães; Nuno Rodrigues; Luis Reis; João Moura; Francisco Pereira; Alexandrino Gonçalves; Roberto Manuel Rodrigues; Augusto Sousa; António Coelho
2009Evaluation of Visualization Features in Three-Dimensional Location-Based Mobile DevicesAntónio Coelho; Mário Freitas; Augusto Sousa
2011Expeditious Creation of Multiplayer Games for Second Life and OpenSimulator Virtual WorldsDavid Mendes; António Coelho; Armando Sousa
2007Expeditious Modelling of Virtual Urban Environments with Geospatial L-systemsAntónio Coelho; Maximino Bessa; Augusto Sousa; Fernando Nunes Ferreira
2014An extended kernel density two-step floating catchment area method to analyze access to health carePolzin,P; José Luís Borges; António Coelho