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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Guilherme Moreira Aresta; António Cunha; Aurélio Campilho
2016Automatic meal intake monitoring using Hidden Markov ModelsCosta,L; Trigueiros,P; António Cunha
2014Evaluation of MS Kinect for elderly meal intake monitoringAntónio Cunha; Padua,L; Costa,L; Trigueiros,P
2017From water to energy: low cost water & energy consumptions readingsAntónio Cunha; Briga-Sá,A; Silva,E; Pereira,F; Pereira,S
2015HelpWave: An Integrated Web Centred SystemAntónio Cunha; Trigueiros,P; Gouveia,J
2017Learning Lung Nodule Malignancy Likelihood from Radiologist Annotations or Diagnosis DataGonçalves,L; Novo,J; António Cunha; Aurélio Campilho
2015Mobile RHS: A Mobile Application to Support the "river Habitat Survey" MethodologyAntónio Cunha; Gonçalves,P; Barreira,J; Trigo,A; Hughes,SJ
2015Outsourcing of Information Systems Services in Banking in PortugalPereira,C; Varajão,J; Amaral,L; Soares,D; António Cunha
2014Reassuring the elderly regarding the use of mobile devices for mobilityAntónio Cunha; Trigueiros,P; Lemos,T
2018Towards an Automatic Lung Cancer Screening System in Low Dose Computed TomographyGuilherme Moreira Aresta; Teresa Finisterra Araújo; Jacobs,C; Ginneken,Bv; António Cunha; Ramos,I; Aurélio Campilho; 6320; 6071; 6271; 6321
2015Towards Modern Cost-effective and Lightweight Augmented Reality SetupsPádua,L; Telmo Oliveira Adão; David Gonçalves Narciso; António Cunha; Magalhães,L; Emanuel Peres Correia
2019An unsupervised metaheuristic search approach for segmentation and volume measurement of pulmonary nodules in lung CT scansElham Shakibapour; António Cunha; Guilherme Moreira Aresta; Ana Maria Mendonça; Aurélio Campilho; 6071; 6381; 7034; 6271; 6321
2015Usability test of 3Dconnexion 3D mice versus keyboard plus mouse in Second Life undertaken by people with motor disabilities due to medullary lesionsMárcio Ricardo Martins; António Cunha; Oliveira,I; Leonel Morgado
2012Usability test of 3Dconnexion 3D mice versus keyboard+mouse in Second Life undertaken by people with motor disabilities due to medullary lesionsLeonel Morgado; Márcio Martins; António Cunha