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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20153 DoF/6 DoF Localization System for Low Computing Power Mobile Robot PlatformsCarlos Miguel Costa; Héber Miguel Sobreira; Armando Sousa; Germano Veiga
2015Assessing physical activity intensity by video analysisSilva,P; Santiago,C; Reis,LP; Armando Sousa; Mota,J; Welk,G
2012Distributed Energy Resources Impact on Distribution System Reliability under Load Transfer RestrictionsJoão Peças Lopes; Armando Sousa; Mauro Rosa; Luiz C. Nascimento; Diego Issicaba
2011Expeditious Creation of Multiplayer Games for Second Life and OpenSimulator Virtual WorldsDavid Mendes; António Coelho; Armando Sousa
2011Game Design Evaluation Study for Student IntegrationArmando Sousa; André Cruz; António Coelho
2009Modeling and Assessing of Omni-directional Robots with Three and Four WheelsPaulo José Costa; Hélder Filipe Oliveira; António Paulo Moreira; Armando Sousa
2012Optimization Approach for the Development of Humanoid Robots' BehaviorsLuís Paulo Reis; Luís Cruz; Armando Sousa; Nuno Lau
2012Overcoming Motor-Rate Limitations in Online Synchronized Robot DancingLuís Paulo Reis; Armando Sousa; Catarina Brito Santiago; Fabien Gouyon; João Lobato Oliveira
2017Pose Invariant Object Recognition Using a Bag of Words ApproachCarlos Miguel Costa; Armando Sousa; Germano Veiga
2014Promoting 'Soft Skills' from the Start of the Engineering Degree and the Case Study of the Special 'Projeto FEUP' CourseArmando Sousa; Mouraz,A
2011Pseudo Fuzzy Colour Calibration for Sport Video SegmentationCatarina Brito Santiago; Armando Sousa; Luís Paulo Reis
2016Robust 3/6 DoF self-localization system with selective map update for mobile robot platformsCarlos Miguel Costa; Héber Miguel Sobreira; Armando Sousa; Germano Veiga
2017Simulator for Teaching Robotics, ROS and Autonomous Driving in a Competitive MindsetCosta,V; Rossetti,R; Armando Sousa
2011Technical Analisys and Approaches for Game Development in Second LifeAndré Cruz; António Coelho; Armando Sousa
2012Tracking Players in Indoor Sports Using a Vision System Inspired in Fuzzy and Parallel ProcessingCatarina Brito Santiago; Luís Paulo Reis; José Lobinho Gomes; Armando Sousa
2010Using games to promote student integration in universities trough the use of virtual worldsAndré Cruz; Armando Sousa; António Coelho
2013Vision system for tracking handball players using fuzzy color processingSantiago,CB; Armando Sousa; Luís Paulo Reis