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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20113DWikiU - 3D Wiki For Urban EnvironmentsAntónio Coelho; Pedro Brandão Silva; Luís Gonzaga Magalhães; Augusto Sousa; José Cruz; Fernando Ferreira; Artur Rocha; João Moura; Maximino Bessa; Miguel Correia Melo
2016Adaptation and Validation of the Igroup Presence Questionnaire (IPQ) in a Portuguese SampleJosé Vasconcelos Raposo; Maximino Bessa; Miguel Correia Melo; Luis Barbosa; Rui Pedro Rodrigues; Teixeira,CM; Cabral,L; Augusto Sousa
2013Automatic Street Surface Modeling for Web-Based Urban Information SystemsDolores Robles Ortega,MD; Ortega,L; António Coelho; Feito,F; Augusto Sousa
2012ERAS - An Ontology-Based Tool for Expeditious Reconstruction of Virtual Cultural Heritage SitesMaximino Bessa; Telmo Oliveira Adão; Luís Gonzaga Magalhães; Nuno Rodrigues; Luis Reis; João Moura; Francisco Pereira; Alexandrino Gonçalves; Roberto Manuel Rodrigues; Augusto Sousa; António Coelho
2009Evaluation of Visualization Features in Three-Dimensional Location-Based Mobile DevicesAntónio Coelho; Mário Freitas; Augusto Sousa
2007Expeditious Modelling of Virtual Urban Environments with Geospatial L-systemsAntónio Coelho; Maximino Bessa; Augusto Sousa; Fernando Nunes Ferreira
2009An importer of virtual 3D City Models datasets into a spatiotemporal databaseAugusto Sousa; Alexandre Carvalho; José Moreira; Cristina Ribeiro; Wagner Franchin
2016Layered shape grammars for procedural modelling of buildingsDiego Rodrigues Jesus; António Coelho; Augusto Sousa
2005Modelação Expedita de Ambientes Virtuais Urbanos para Utilização em Dispositivos MóveisMaximino Bessa; Fernando Nunes Ferreira; Augusto Sousa; António Coelho; João Paulo Moura
2019Modeling of video projectors in OpenGL for implementing a spatial augmented reality teaching system for assembly operationsGermano Veiga; Carlos Miguel Costa; Rui Pedro Rodrigues; Augusto Sousa; Luís Freitas Rocha; Thomas,U; Armando Sousa; 197; 5579; 5152; 5364; 5674; 6164
2019Modeling of video projectors in OpenGL for implementing a spatial augmented reality teaching system for assembly operationsRui Pedro Rodrigues; Thomas,U; Carlos Miguel Costa; Germano Veiga; Armando Sousa; Luís Freitas Rocha; Augusto Sousa; 5674; 5364; 5152; 5579; 197; 6164
2009Modelling a virtual urban environment with realistic terrain featuresMaria Dolores Robles Ortega; Lidia Ortega Alvarado; António Coelho; Augusto Sousa
2015Towards Interactive Procedural Modelling of BuildingsDiego Rodrigues Jesus; António Coelho; Augusto Sousa
2010A visualization paradigm for 3D map-based mobile servicesMário Freitas; Augusto Sousa; António Coelho