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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Ana Maria Mendonça; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Dashtbozorg,B; Aurélio Campilho
2016Acceleration of Tear Film Map Definition on Multicore SystemsDomínguez,JG; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Martín,MJ
2017Analyzing First-Person Stories Based on Socializing, Eating and Sedentary PatternsHerruzo,P; Portell,L; Soto,A; Beatriz Remeseiro López
2014Automatic Analysis of Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope Sequences for Arteriovenous Passage Time MeasurementMarino,C; Ortega,M; Novo,J; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Fernandez,A; Gomez-Ulla,F
2013Automatic classification of the interferential tear film lipid layer using colour texture analysisBeatriz Remeseiro López; Penas,M; Barreira,N; Mosquera,A; Novo,J; Garcia Resua,C
2013Automatic Cyst Detection in OCT Retinal Images Combining Region Flooding and Texture AnalysisGonzalez,A; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Ortega,M; Penedo,MG; Charlon,P
2015Automatic Eye Blink Detection Using Consumer Web CamerasBeatriz Remeseiro López; Fernandez,A; Lira,M
2015Automatic grading system for human tear filmsBeatriz Remeseiro López; Oliver,KM; Tomlinson,A; Martin,E; Barreira,N; Mosquera,A
2014Automatic tear film segmentation based on texture analysis and region growingBeatriz Remeseiro López; Oliver,KM; Martin,E; Tomlinson,A; Villaverde,DG; Penedo,MG
2014Automatization of Dry Eye Syndrome TestsPenedo,M; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Ramos,L; Barreira,N; García-Resúa,C; Yebra-Pimentel,E; Mosquera,A
2016CASDES: A Computer-Aided System to Support Dry Eye Diagnosis Based on Tear Film MapsBeatriz Remeseiro López; González,AM; Penedo,MG
2015Choroid characterization in EDI OCT retinal images based on texture analysisGonzález López,A; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Ortega,M; Penedo,MG
2013Colour Texture Segmentation of Tear Film Lipid Layer ImagesBeatriz Remeseiro López; Ramos,L; Rodríguez,NB; González,AM; Pimentel,EY
2014Correlation between tear osmolarity and tear meniscusGarcia Resua,C; Pena Verdeal,H; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Giraldez,MJ; Yebra Pimentel,E
2013Criteria for Lipid layer pattern evaluation. Pli-marker databaseGarcia Resua,C; Pena Verdeal,H; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Penedo,MG; Jesus Giraldez,MJ; Yebra Pimentel,E
2014Cyst Detection in OCT Images for Pathology CharacterizationGonzález,A; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Ortega,M; Penedo,M; Charlón,P
2014Dry Eye Characterization by Analyzing Tear Film ImagesBeatriz Remeseiro López; Penedo,M; García-Resúa,C; Yebra-Pimentel,E; Mosquera,A
2017Evaluation of an automatic dry eye test using MCDM methods and rank correlationBarral,DiegoPeteiro; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Méndez,Rebeca; Penedo,ManuelG.
2014Evaluation of Class Binarization and Feature Selection in Tear Film Classification using TOPSISMendez,R; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Peteiro Barral,D; Penedo,MG
2014Feature selection applied to human tear film classificationVillaverde,DG; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Barreira,N; Penedo,MG; Mosquera,A