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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Characterisation of a Nafion film by optical fibre Fabry-Perot interferometry for humidity sensingSantos,JS; Raimundo,IM; Cordeiro,CMB; Biazoli,CR; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; Pedro Jorge
2011Cladding modes FBG curvature sensor based on a core misaligned spliceCarlos Jesus Gouveia; Orlando Frazão; Pedro Jorge; José Manuel Baptista
2011Colorimetric and refractometric measurements of carbon dioxidePedro Jorge; Akos Markovics; José Manuel Baptista; Barna Kovács; Carlos Jesus Gouveia
2012Digital control of a white light system for optical fiber interferometersPedro Jorge; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; Orlando Frazão; José Manuel Baptista; E. Velosa
2014Evanescent wave DNA-aptamer biosensor based on long period gratings for the specific recognition of E. coli outer membrane proteinsQueiros,RB; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; José Ramiro Fernandes; Pedro Jorge
2012Fabry-Pérot cavity based on a high-birefringent fiber Bragg grating for refractive index and temperature measurementJosé Manuel Baptista; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; Pedro Jorge; Orlando Frazão
2011Fiber Optic Intensity Sensor referenced with a Virtual Delay LineJosé Manuel Baptista; Pedro Jorge; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; Amilcar Fernandes
2012Fiber Optic-Based Refractive Index Sensing at INESC PortoJosé Luís Santos; Gaspar Rego; Orlando Frazão; José Manuel Baptista; Pedro Jorge; Susana Oliveira Silva; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; Paula Alexandra Tafulo; Luís Carlos Coelho; Paulo Caldas; Diana Viegas
2009Fiber-Optic Interferometric Torsion Sensor Based on a Two-LP-Mode Operation in Birefringent FiberJosé Luís Santos; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; José Manuel Baptista; Philippe Roy; Orlando Frazão
2012FLUORESCENT OPTICAL SENSORS FOR CARBON DIOXIDE USING THE QUENCHING EFFECT OF 4-NITROPHENOLKatalin Balogh; Barna Kovacs; S. Szechenyia; Akos Markovics; Pedro Jorge; Carlos Jesus Gouveia
2013High resolution temperature independent refractive index measurement using differential white light interferometryCarlos Jesus Gouveia; Zibaii,M; Latifi,H; Manuel Joaquim Marques; José Manuel Baptista; Pedro Jorge
2013High sensitivity LPG Mach-Zehnder sensor for real-time fuel conformity analysisOsorio,JH; Mosquera,L; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; Biazoli,CR; Hayashi,JG; Pedro Jorge; Cordeiro,CMB
2012LPG Based Fiber Optic Sensor for Carbon DioxidePedro Jorge; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; Katalin Balogh; José Manuel Baptista; Barna Kovacs
2012Magnetic field sensor with Terfenol D thin-film coated FBGG. Chesini; Pedro Jorge; C. M. B. Cordeiro; Orlando Frazão; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; A. B. Lobo Ribeiro; Ricardo Manuel Silva
2009Measurement of acetic acid using a fibre Bragg grating interferometerOrlando Frazão; Gerardo Aguilar; José Manuel Baptista; Pedro Jorge; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; Susana Oliveira Silva
2010Measurement of CO2 using refractometric fiber optic sensorsJosé Manuel Baptista; Akos Markovics; Barna Kovacs; Pedro Jorge; Carlos Jesus Gouveia
2012PHENOL DERIVATIVE BASED CARBON DIOXIDE SENSOR FOR ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORINGBarna Kovacs; Katalin Balogh; Akos Markovics; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; José Manuel Baptista; Pedro Jorge
2012POLY(p-NITROPHENOL) DERIVATIVES AS OPTICAL pH SENSORSPedro Jorge; Katalin Balogh; I. Kindner; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; Barna Kovacs
2012REAL TIME MONITORING OF DNA HYBRIDIZATION WITH LONG PERIOD FIBER GRATING FOR FOOD INDUSTRY APPLICATIONSHamid LAtifi; L. Pereira; Paula Martins-Lopes; Mohammad Ismail Zibaii; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; José Ramiro Fernandes; Pedro Jorge; D. Pratas
2011Remote sensing of refractive index with an optical time-domain reflectometerPedro Jorge; José Manuel Baptista; A. Barbero; D. Chamorro; M. Martinez; M. Giraldi; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; Joel Pedro Carvalho