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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Arbitrated Ensemble for Solar Radiation ForecastingVítor Manuel Cerqueira; Luís Torgo; Carlos Manuel Soares
2017Arbitrated Ensemble for Time Series ForecastingVítor Manuel Cerqueira; Luís Torgo; Pinto,F; Carlos Manuel Soares
2016AToMRS: A Tool to Monitor Recommender SystemsCosta,A; Tiago Sá Cunha; Carlos Manuel Soares
2017autoBagging: Learning to Rank Bagging Workflows with MetalearningPinto,F; Vítor Manuel Cerqueira; Carlos Manuel Soares; João Mendes Moreira
2016Can Metalearning Be Applied to Transfer on Heterogeneous Datasets?Catarina Félix Oliveira; Carlos Manuel Soares; Alípio Jorge
2016Collaborative Data Analysis in Hyperconnected Transportation SystemsMohammad Nozari; Carlos Manuel Soares
2016Combining Boosted Trees with Metafeature Engineering for Predictive MaintenanceVítor Manuel Cerqueira; Fábio Hernâni Pinto; Cláudio Rebelo Sá; Carlos Manuel Soares
2015Combining regression models and metaheuristics to optimize space allocation in the retail industryFábio Hernâni Pinto; Carlos Manuel Soares; Pavel Brazdil
2019Data mining based framework to assess solution quality for the rectangular 2D strip-packing problemAlvaro Luiz Júnior; José Fernando Oliveira; Carlos Manuel Soares; António Miguel Gomes; Elsa Marília Silva; 5001; 265; 5675; 6300; 1249
2014A data warehouse to support web site automationDomingues,MA; Carlos Manuel Soares; Alípio Jorge; Rezende,SO
2013Dimensions as Virtual Items: Improving the predictive ability of top-N recommender systemsDomingues,MA; Alípio Jorge; Carlos Manuel Soares
2018Discovering a taste for the unusual: exceptional models for preference miningde Sa,CR; Knobbe,A; Carlos Manuel Soares; Alípio Jorge; Paulo Jorge Azevedo; Duivesteijn,W; 4981; 5606; 5001
2015Distance-Based Decision Tree Algorithms for Label RankingCláudio Rebelo Sá; Rebelo,C; Carlos Manuel Soares; Knobbe,A
2014Distributed Enviroment Framework for Optimization ExperimentsAbreu,P; Carlos Manuel Soares; Rui Camacho
2014An Empirical Methodology to Analyze the Behavior of BaggingFábio Hernâni Pinto; Carlos Manuel Soares; João Mendes Moreira
2012Ensemble approaches for regression: A surveyJorge Freire de Sousa; João Mendes Moreira; Carlos Manuel Soares; Alípio Jorge
2016Entropy-based discretization methods for ranking dataCláudio Rebelo Sá; Carlos Manuel Soares; Knobbe,A
2016Exceptional Preferences MiningCláudio Rebelo Sá; Duivesteijn,W; Carlos Manuel Soares; Knobbe,A
2011Exploiting Additional Dimensions as Virtual Items on Top-N Recommender SystemsAlípio Jorge; Carlos Manuel Soares; Marcos Aurélio Domingues
2014A framework to decompose and develop metafeaturesPinto,F; Carlos Manuel Soares; João Mendes Moreira