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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Allocation of PEVs' Parking Lots in Renewable-Based Distribution SystemNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão; Contreras,J
2015Allocation of Plug-In Vehicles' Parking Lots in Distribution Systems Considering Network-Constrained ObjectivesNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Shafie Khah,M; Contreras,J; João Catalão
2017Effect of Risk Aversion on Reserve Procurement With Flexible Demand Side Resources From the ISO Point of ViewPaterakis,NG; Sanchez de la Nieta,AAS; Bakirtzis,AG; Contreras,J; João Catalão
2017Impacts of Operational Variability and Uncertainty on Distributed Generation Investment Planning: A Comprehensive Sensitivity AnalysisSantos,SF; Fitiwi,DZ; Bizuayehu,AW; Shafie Khah,M; Asensio,M; Contreras,J; Cabrita,CMP; João Catalão
2016Impacts of Stochastic Wind Power and Storage Participation on Economic Dispatch in Distribution SystemsBizuayehu,AW; Sanchez de la Nieta,AAS; Contreras,J; João Catalão
2014Modeling the Optimal Behavior of PEV Parking Lots in Energy and Reserve MarketNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão; Contreras,J
2017Novel Multi-Stage Stochastic DG Investment Planning with RecourseSantos,SF; Fitiwi,DZ; Bizuayehu,AW; Shafie khah,M; Asensio,M; Contreras,J; Pereira Cabrita,CMP; João Catalão
2016Optimal Bidding of a Group of Wind Farms in Day-Ahead Markets Through an External AgentGuerrero Mestre,V; de la Nieta,AAS; Contreras,J; João Catalão
2016Optimal Single Wind Hydro-Pump Storage Bidding in Day-Ahead Markets Including Bilateral ContractsSanchez de la Nieta,AAS; Contreras,J; João Catalão
2015PEV Parking Lot Behavior Equilibria in Energy and Reserve MarketsNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Shafie khah,M; João Catalão; Contreras,J
2017Strategic Behavior of Multi-Energy Players in Electricity Markets as Aggregators of Demand Side Resources using a Bi-level ApproachYazdani-Damavandi,M; Nilufar Neyestani; Shafie-khah,M; Contreras,J; João Catalão