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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012BRKGA adapted to multiobjective unit commitment problem Solving Pareto frontier for UC multiobjective Problem using BRKGA SPEA2 NPGA and NSGA II techniquesFernando ACC Fontes; Luís Roque; Dalila Fontes
2013Concave minimum cost network flow problems solved with a colony of antsMonteiro,MSR; Dalila Fontes; Fontes,FACC
2009A Decision Support System to Analyze the Influence of Distributed Generation in Energy Distribution NetworksJosé Nuno Fidalgo; Dalila Fontes; Susana Silva
2012Fostering microgeneration in power systems: the effect of legislative limitationsJosé Nuno Fidalgo; Dalila Fontes
2017Future liquefied natural gas business structure: a review and comparison of oil and liquefied natural gas sectorsHamed Nikhalat Jahromi; Dalila Fontes; Cochrane,RA
2015A Genetic Algorithm for Scheduling Alternative Tasks Subject to Technical FailureDalila Fontes; José Fernando Gonçalves
2012Group Decision Making for selection of an Information System in a Business ContextDalila Fontes; Teresa Pereira
2015The hop-constrained minimum cost flow spanning tree problem with nonlinear costs: an ant colony optimization approachMonteiro,MSR; Dalila Fontes; Fontes,FACC
2014Hop-Constrained Tree-Shaped NetworksMonteiro,MSR; Dalila Fontes; Fontes,FACC
2014A hybrid biased random key genetic algorithm approach for the unit commitment problemLuís Roque; Dalila Fontes; Fontes,FACC
2015MCDA applied to performance appraisal of short-haul truck drivers: A case study in a Portuguese trucking companyMorte,R; Pereira,T; Dalila Fontes
2017A Metaheuristic Approach to the Multi-Objective Unit Commitment Problem Combining Economic and Environmental CriteriaLuís Roque; Dalila Fontes; Fontes,F
2016A modified particle swarm optimisation algorithm to solve the part feeding problem at assembly linesFathi,M; Rodriguez,V; Dalila Fontes; Alvarez,MJ
2017A multi-objective unit commitment problem combining economic and environmental criteria in a metaheuristic approachLuís Roque; Dalila Fontes; Fontes,FACC
2013A multi-population hybrid biased random key genetic algorithm for hop-constrained trees in nonlinear cost flow networksDalila Fontes; José Fernando Gonçalves
2017New formulations for the unit commitment problem: Optimal control and switching-time parameterization approachesLuís Roque; Fontes,FACC; Dalila Fontes
2012Obstacle avoidance in optimal switching of a formation geometryDalila Fontes; Fernando ACC Fontes
2014Optimal Control Formulations for the Unit Commitment ProblemDalila Fontes; Fontes,FACC; Luís Roque
2014Poster city logisticsBessa,N; Dalila Fontes
2014Poster city logistics: Analyzing the impact of different public policies in the Oporto cityBessa,N; Dalila Fontes