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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Bone Injury and Repair Trigger Central and Peripheral NPY Neuronal PathwaysAlves,CJ; Alencastre,IS; Neto,E; Ribas,J; Ferreira,S; Daniel Marques Vasconcelos; Sousa,DM; Summavielle,T; Lamghari,M
2016Fibrinogen scaffolds with immunomodulatory properties promote in vivo bone regenerationDaniel Marques Vasconcelos; Goncalves,RM; Almeida,CR; Pereira,IO; Oliveira,MI; Neves,N; Silva,AM; Ribeiro,AC; Cunha,C; Almeida,AR; Ribeiro,CC; Gil,AM; Seebach,E; Kynast,KL; Richter,W; Lamghari,M; Santos,SG; Barbosa,MA
2016Fracture pain-Traveling unknown pathwaysAlves,CJ; Neto,E; Sousa,DM; Leitao,L; Daniel Marques Vasconcelos; Ribeiro Silva,M; Alencastre,IS; Lamghari,M
2016Immune response and innervation signatures in aseptic hip implant looseningDaniel Marques Vasconcelos; Ribeiro da Silva,M; Mateus,A; Alves,CJ; Machado,GC; Machado Santos,J; Paramos de Carvalho,D; Alencastre,IS; Henrique,R; Costa,G; Barbosa,MA; Lamghari,M
2016miR-195 in human primary mesenchymal stromal/stem cells regulates proliferation, osteogenesis and paracrine effect on angiogenesisAlmeida,MI; Silva,AM; Daniel Marques Vasconcelos; Almeida,CR; Caires,H; Pinto,MT; Calin,GA; Santos,SG; Barbosa,MA
2017Neuroimmune expression in hip osteoarthritis: a systematic reviewda Silva,MR; Linhares,D; Daniel Marques Vasconcelos; Alves,CJ; Neves,N; Costa,G; Lamghari,M
2014Role of protein environment and bioactive polymer grafting in the S-epidermidis response to titanium alloy for biomedical applicationsDaniel Marques Vasconcelos; Falentin Daudre,C; Blanquaert,D; Thomas,D; Granja,PL; Migonney,V
2016The two faces of metal ions: From implants rejection to tissue repair/regenerationDaniel Marques Vasconcelos; Santos,SG; Lamghari,M; Barbosa,MA