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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Contextualized Ubiquity: A New Opportunity for Rendering Business Information and ServicesEmanuel Peres; Raul Morais; Carlos Rompante Cunha; Manuel Cabral Reis; Maximino Bessa
2010Contextualized Ubiquity: A New Opportunity for Rendering Business Information and Services_Manuel Cabral Reis; Raul Morais; Maximino Bessa; Emanuel Peres; Carlos Rompante
2011Foundations for a mobile context-aware advertising systemJoão Varajão; Guilherme Alexandre; Telmo Oliveira Adão; Martinho Fradeira Gonçalves; Luís Gonzaga Magalhães; Maximino Bessa; Emanuel Peres
2011Framework for Collaborative 3D EnvironmentsMiguel Correia Melo; Luís Gonzaga Magalhães; João Varajão; Emanuel Peres; Maximino Bessa
2011Identifying Different Visual Patterns in Web users BehaviourAlan Chalmers; Martinho Fradeira Gonçalves; Tânia Rocha; Luís Gonzaga Magalhães; Emanuel Peres; Maximino Bessa
2011Internet-based Collaborative E-Exercisebook System for Primary Math TeachingMiguel Bacelar; M.J.C.S. Reis; José Bulas-Cruz; Salviano Soares; António Valente; Raul Morais; Emanuel Peres; Maximino Bessa; Daniela Meira; Maria G Reis
2009LBES:Location-Based E-Commerce SystemJoão Varajão; Nuno Liberato; Emanuel Peres; Maximino Bessa
2010Ubiquitous System for Events PromotionMaximino Bessa; Emanuel Peres; Nuno Liberato; João Varajão
2010Using IT Based Exercises in Primary Math Teaching of Children with Cerebral Palsy and Mental Retardation: A Case StudyEmanuel Peres; Maria Gentil Reis; Luciana Cabral; Maximino Bessa