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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Adaptive Protection Scheme for a Distribution System Considering Grid-Connected and Islanded Modes of OperationAtes,Y; Boynuegri,AR; Uzunoglu,M; Nadar,A; Yumurtaci,R; Erdinc,O; Paterakis,NG; João Catalão
2016Assessment of Demand-Response-Driven Load Pattern Elasticity Using a Combined Approach for Smart HouseholdsPaterakis,NG; Tascikaraoglu,A; Erdinc,O; Bakirtzis,AG; João Catalão
2016Compressive Spatio-Temporal Forecasting of Meteorological Quantities and Photovoltaic PowerTascikaraoglu,A; Sanandaji,BM; Chicco,G; Cocina,V; Spertino,F; Erdinc,O; Paterakis,NG; João Catalão
2016Consideration of the Impacts of a Smart Neighborhood Load on Transformer AgingPaterakis,NG; Pappi,IN; Erdinc,O; Godina,R; Rodrigues,EMG; João Catalão
2016Coordinated Operation of a Neighborhood of Smart Households Comprising Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage and Distributed GenerationPaterakis,NG; Erdinc,O; Pappi,IN; Bakirtzis,AG; João Catalão
2016Design and Application of a Power Unit to Use Plug-In Electric Vehicles as an Uninterruptible Power SupplySen,G; Boynuegri,AR; Uzunoglu,M; Erdinc,O; João Catalão
2017Design and Implementation of an Interactive Interface for Demand Response and Home Energy Management ApplicationsYener,B; Tascikaraoglu,A; Erdinc,O; Baysal,M; João Catalão
2017End-User Comfort Oriented Day-Ahead Planning for Responsive Residential HVAC Demand Aggregation Considering Weather ForecastsErdinc,O; Tascikaraoglu,A; Paterakis,NG; Eren,Y; João Catalão
2016Innovative impact assessment of electric vehicles charging loads on distribution transformers using real dataGodina,R; Rodrigues,EMG; Paterakis,NG; Erdinc,O; João Catalão
2016Multi-Objective Reconfiguration of Radial Distribution Systems Using Reliability IndicesPaterakis,NG; Mazza,A; Santos,SF; Erdinc,O; Chicco,G; Bakirtzis,AG; João Catalão
2017An overview of Demand Response: Key-elements and international experiencePaterakis,NG; Erdinc,O; João Catalão