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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015EIT IN HOLLOW-CORE FIBERS FOR OPTICAL COMMUNICATIONS DEVICESTiburcio,BD; Fernandes,GM; Monteiro,J; Rodrigues,S; Ferreira,M; Facao,M; Maria Inês Carvalho; Pinto,AN
2014Experimental Setup for Electromagnetically Induced Transparency Observation in Hollow-Core FibersTiburcio,BD; Fernandes,GM; Monteiro,JM; Rodrigues,S; Maria Inês Carvalho; Facao,M; Ferreira,M; Pinto,AN
2018The fiber connection method using a tapered silica fiber tip for microstructured polymer optical fibersFrazão,O; Ferreira,M; André Delgado Gomes; Kowal,D; Statkiewicz Barabach,G; Mergo,P; 6406
2014Object recognition and pose estimation for industrial applications: A cascade systemLuís Freitas Rocha; Ferreira,M; Santos,V; António Paulo Moreira
2013R&D DYNAMICSBecker,J; Ferreira,M; Bruno Mendes Oliveira; Alberto Pinto
2016R&D dynamics with asymmetric efficiencyFerreira,M; João Paulo Almeida; Bruno Mendes Oliveira; Alberto Pinto
2013Recognizing Industrial Manipulated Parts Using the Perfect Match AlgorithmLuís Freitas Rocha; Ferreira,M; Germano Veiga; António Paulo Moreira; Santos,V
2016Simulation and implementation of cognitive radio algorithms for satellite communicationsRodrigues,P; Sinogas,P; Sérgio Cunha; Taing,S; Elsner,J; Uhlenbrock,M; Silva,P; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Ferreira,M; Ferreira,JC; Watts,S
2013Stereoscopic Vision System for Human Gesture Tracking and Robot Programming by DemonstrationFerreira,M; Luís Freitas Rocha; Paulo José Costa; António Paulo Moreira