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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The Aplication State Estimation to suport a Real-time Voltage Control Algorithm: A Path to Increase the integration of Distributed GenerationMário Lemos; António Leitão; José Santos; Clara Sofia Gouveia; Alda sousa; Hélder Leite
2011Application of a Methodology based on the Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization to Protection CoordinationHélder Leite; Rui Fiteiro; Jose Barros; Vladimiro Miranda
2012Applying Reliability Centered Maintenance to a Digital Protective RelayAlberto Pinto; Helder Tavares; Hélder Leite
2012Barriers and solutions for AC low voltage fault ride-through on Multi-terminal HVDC gridsHélder Leite; Bernardo Silva; Carlos Moreira; João Peças Lopes
2014Control Strategies for AC Fault Ride Through in Multiterminal HVDC GridsBernardo Silva; Carlos Moreira; Hélder Leite; João Peças Lopes
2012Coordinating Independent Distributed GeneratorsJose Barros; Hélder Leite; Nick Jenkins
2012Distribution Storage System Optimal Sizing and Techno-Economic RobustnessHélder Leite; Ismael Miranda; Nuno Silva
2009Evolutionary Algorithm EPSO Helping Doubly-Fed Induction Generators in Ride-Through-FaultHélder Leite; José Barros; Vladimiro Miranda
2010The Evolutionary Algorithm EPSO to Coordinate Directional Overcurrent RelaysHélder Leite; Vladimiro Miranda; José Barros
2011Feed-In Tariffs for Wind Energy in Portugal: Current Status and Prospective FutureJose Barros; Hélder Leite
2008Increasing distributed generation using automatic voltage reference setting techniqueHélder Leite; Haiyu Li
2012Is Advanced Real-Time Energy Metering Sufficient to Persuade People to Save Energy?Hélder Leite; Lucy Ting; Teresa Ponce Leão
2013Operation and Control of Multiterminal HVDC Grids Following the Loss of an Onshore ConverterBernardo Silva; Carlos Moreira; Hélder Leite
2009Operations of DFIG with simplified rotor current reference model and solution to the recent grid code requirementsA.P. Tennakoon; J.B. Ekanayake; A. Arulampalam; Hélder Leite
2010A Survey of Protection, Automation and Control Systems in the Portuguese Distribution SubstationsHélder Leite; Filipe Vale; André Morais; Mário Lemos
2011Technical and Economic Assessment for Deployment of Distribution Automation Equipments - Enabling Self-Healing StrategiesRoberto Moreiro; Nuno Silva; Hélder Leite
2012Technical and Economic Assessment for Optimal Sizing of Distributed StorageIsmael Miranda; Nuno Silva; Hélder Leite
2011Technical and Economical Impacts of the 2010's Grid Code Requirements for Wind Energy in PortugalAdelino Barbosa; Jose Barros; Hélder Leite; Paulo Pereira; Jose Carvalhosa
2010Voltage and Current Sensor for State Estimation in Distribution Network with GenerationClara Sofia Gouveia; Hélder Leite; Isabel Ferreira