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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Application of Probabilistic Wind Power Forecasting in Electricity MarketsJean Sumaili; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Hrvoje Keko; Vladimiro Miranda; Audun Botterud; Zhi Zhou; Jianhui Wang
2013Application of probabilistic wind power forecasting in electricity marketsZhou,Z; Botterud,A; Wang,J; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Keko,H; Jean Sumaili; Vladimiro Miranda
2016Assessing DER flexibility in a German distribution network for different scenarios and degrees of controllabilityAndré Carvalho Silva; Leonel Magalhães Carvalho; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Jean Sumaili; Luís Seca; Schaarschmidt,G; João Vieira Silva; Manuel Matos; Hermes,R
2017Assessing the Impact of Demand Flexibility on Distribution Network OperationBruna Costa Tavares; Jean Sumaili; Filipe Joel Soares; André Guimarães Madureira; Ricardo Jorge Ferreira
2018The challenges of estimating the impact of distributed energy resources flexibility on the TSO/DSO boundary node operating pointsLuís Seca; Vladimiro Miranda; Manuel Matos; João Vieira Silva; Jean Sumaili; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; 4417; 208; 214; 4882; 6299; 5164
2011CLUSTERING-BASED WIND POWER SCENARIO REDUCTION TECHNIQUEA. Botterud; Hrvoje Keko; Vladimiro Miranda; J. Wang; Jean Sumaili
2015Coping with Wind Power Uncertainty in Unit Commitment: a Robust Approach using the New Hybrid Metaheuristic DEEPSORui Barbosa Pinto; Leonel Magalhães Carvalho; Jean Sumaili; Pinto,MSS; Vladimiro Miranda
2013Demand Dispatch and Probabilistic Wind Power Forecasting in Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch: A Case Study of IllinoisBotterud,A; Zhou,Z; Wang,JH; Jean Sumaili; Keko,H; Mendes,J; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Vladimiro Miranda
2016Enhancing Stochastic Unit Commitment to Include Nodal Wind Power UncertaintyRui Barbosa Pinto; Leonel Magalhães Carvalho; Jean Sumaili; Vladimiro Miranda
2015Estimation of the Flexibility Range in the Transmission-Distribution BoundaryHeleno,M; Soares,R; Jean Sumaili; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Luís Seca; Manuel Matos
2016EvolvDSO grid management tools to support TSO-DSO cooperationNuno Soares Fonseca; João Vieira Silva; André Carvalho Silva; Jean Sumaili; Luís Seca; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Jorge Correia Pereira; Manuel Matos; Matos,P; Morais,AC; Caujolle,M; Sebastian Viana,M
2011Finding Representative Wind Power Scenarios and their Probabilities for Stochastic ModelsJean Sumaili; Hrvoje Keko; Vladimiro Miranda
2015A Hybrid Short-term Solar Power Forecasting ToolJorge Miguel Filipe; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Jean Sumaili; Tomé,R; Sousa,JN
2015IMICV fault analysis method with multiple PV grid-connected inverters for distribution systemsMoura,AP; João Peças Lopes; de Moura,AAF; Jean Sumaili; Carlos Moreira
2017Mitigation in the Very Short-term of Risk from Wind Ramps with Unforeseen SeverityPinto,M; Vladimiro Miranda; Saavedra,O; Leonel Magalhães Carvalho; Jean Sumaili
2010Modeling and Experimental Determination of the Circuit Parameters of Thin Film PV Modules/ArraysJean Sumaili; Filippo Spertino; Horia Andrei; Adrian-Valentin Boicea; Gianfranco Chicco
2011On the Use of Information Theoretic Mean Shift for Electricity Load Patterns ClusteringJean Sumaili; Gianfranco Chicco; Hrvoje Keko; Vladimiro Miranda
2012Operating Reserve Assessment Incorporating a Stochastic Electric Vehicle ModelMauro Rosa; Leonardo Bremermann; João Peças Lopes; Manuel Matos; Jean Sumaili
2016Operation scheduling of prosumer with renewable energy sources and storage devicesSuzana Menezes Souza; Mariana Gil Cunha; Jean Sumaili; André Guimarães Madureira; João Peças Lopes
2015Statistical Tuning of DEEPSO Soft Constraints in the Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow ProblemLeonel Magalhães Carvalho; Loureiro,F; Jean Sumaili; Keko,H; Vladimiro Miranda; Marcelino,CG; Wanner,EF