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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Addressing trade-offs among fuel management scenarios through a dynamic and spatial integrated approach for enhanced decision-making in eucalyptus forestBotequim,B; Ager,A; Abilio Pereira Pacheco; Oliveira,T; João Claro; Fernandes,PM; Borges,JG
2011Airport Competition and Aviation Network Evolution: an Exploratory Study on Continental PortugalJorge Pinho de Sousa; Edgar Ramiro Jimenez; João Claro
2015Cohesive fire management within an uncertain environment: A review of risk handling and decision support systemsAbilio Pereira Pacheco; João Claro; Fernandes,PM; de Neufville,R; Oliveira,TM; Borges,JG; José Coelho Rodrigues
2009Effects of cyanobacterial extracts containing anatoxin-a and of pure anatoxin-a on early developmental stages of carpA.P. Carvalho; J. Osswald; V. Vasconcelos; João Claro
2014Flexible planning of the investment mix in a forest fire management system: spatially-explicit intra-annual optimization, considering prevention, pre-suppression, suppression, and escape costsAbilio Pereira Pacheco; João Claro
2013Forest fire management to avoid unintended consequences: A case study of Portugal using system dynamicsCollins,RD; de Neufville,R; João Claro; Oliveira,T; Abilio Pereira Pacheco
2010Integrated method for assessing and planning uncertain technology investmentsDe Neufville Richard; João Claro
2012An introductory course on Decision Support Systems based on solving small management problemsJoão Claro; Jorge Pinho de Sousa
2012An introductory course on Decision Support Systems based on solving small management problemsJorge Pinho de Sousa; João Claro
2011A made-to-measure indicator for cross-disciplinary bibliometric ranking of researchers performanceJoão Claro; Carlos Costa
2010A multiobjective metaheuristic for a mean-risk multistage capacity investment problemJoão Claro; Jorge Pinho de Sousa
2012A Multiobjective Metaheuristic for a Mean-Risk Multistage Capacity Investment Problem with Process FlexibilityJoão Claro; Jorge Pinho de Sousa
2010A multiobjective metaheuristic for a mean-risk static stochastic knapsack problemJoão Claro; Jorge Pinho de Sousa
2012Portfolios of Real Options and Capacity Expansion in Transmission Network Expansion PlanningPaulo J. Pereira; Manuel Valentim Loureiro; João Claro
2012Rekindle dynamics: validating the pressure on wildland fire suppression resources and implications for fire management in Portugal.João Claro; Abilio Pereira Pacheco; Tiago Oliveira
2014Rekindles or one-o quality in forest fire fighting: validating the pressure on firefighters and implications for forest fire management in PortugalAbilio Pereira Pacheco; João Claro; Oliveira,T
2011Risk in engineering systems - a 'problemset' and a toolsetJoão Claro
2013The role of a Proof of Concept Center in a university ecosystem: an exploratory studyCatarina Maia; João Claro
2016The role of fire-suppression force in limiting the spread of extremely large forest fires in PortugalFernandes,PM; Abilio Pereira Pacheco; Almeida,R; João Claro
2012Simulation analysis of a wildfire suppression systemTiago Oliveira; Abilio Pereira Pacheco; João Claro