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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Assigning a confidence threshold on automatic beat annotation in large datasetsJoão Lobato Oliveira; José Zapata; Andre Holzapfel; Matthew Davies; Fabien Gouyon
2012Beat tracking for multiple applications: A multi-agent system architecture with state recoveryLuís Paulo Reis; João Lobato Oliveira; Fabien Gouyon; Matthew Davies
2011Humanized Robot Dancing: Humanoid Motion Retargeting based in a Metrical Representation of Human Dance StylesPaulo Sousa; Fabien Gouyon; João Lobato Oliveira; Luis Paulo Reis
2012Live Assessment of Beat Tracking for Robot AuditionKazuhiro Nakadai; João Lobato Oliveira; Gokhan Ince; Keisuke Nakamura; Fabien Gouyon
2012On the Automatic Identification of Difficult Examples for Beat Tracking: Towards Building New Evaluation DatasetsJoão Lobato Oliveira; Andre Holzapfel; Matthew Davies; J.R. Zapata; Fabien Gouyon
2012Online Audio Beat Tracking for a Dancing Robot in the Presence of Ego-Motion Noise in a Real EnvironmentJoão Lobato Oliveira; Keisuke Nakamura; Gökhan Ince; Kazuhiro Nakadai
2012Overcoming Motor-Rate Limitations in Online Synchronized Robot DancingLuís Paulo Reis; Armando Sousa; Catarina Brito Santiago; Fabien Gouyon; João Lobato Oliveira
2012A parameterizable spatiotemporal representation of popular dance styles for humanoid dancing charactersMarc Leman; João Lobato Oliveira; Luiz Naveda; Fabien Gouyon; Luís Paulo Reis; Paulo Sousa
2012Selective Sampling for Beat Tracking EvaluationJoão Lobato Oliveira; Andre Holzapfel; Matthew Davies; José Zapata; Fabien Gouyon