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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Assessing DER flexibility in a German distribution network for different scenarios and degrees of controllabilityAndré Carvalho Silva; Leonel Magalhães Carvalho; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Jean Sumaili; Luís Seca; Schaarschmidt,G; João Vieira Silva; Manuel Matos; Hermes,R
2018The challenges of estimating the impact of distributed energy resources flexibility on the TSO/DSO boundary node operating pointsLuís Seca; Vladimiro Miranda; Manuel Matos; João Vieira Silva; Jean Sumaili; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; 4417; 208; 214; 4882; 6299; 5164
2018Estimating the Active and Reactive Power Flexibility Area at the TSO-DSO InterfaceJoão Vieira Silva; Sebastian Viana,M; Goncer,B; Caujolle,M; Vladimiro Miranda; Manuel Matos; Seca,L; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Sumaili,J; 6299; 4882; 208; 214
2016EvolvDSO grid management tools to support TSO-DSO cooperationNuno Soares Fonseca; João Vieira Silva; André Carvalho Silva; Jean Sumaili; Luís Seca; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Jorge Correia Pereira; Manuel Matos; Matos,P; Morais,AC; Caujolle,M; Sebastian Viana,M
2017LV state estimation and TSO–DSO cooperation tools: results of the French field tests in the evolvDSO projectViania Sebastian,M; Caujolle,M; Goncer Maraver,B; Jorge Correia Pereira; Sumaili,J; Pedro Pereira Barbeiro; João Vieira Silva; Ricardo Jorge Bessa
2016Multiyear and Multi-Criteria AC Transmission Expansion Planning Model Considering Reliability and Investment CostsPhillipe Vilaça Gomes; João Vieira Silva; João Tomé Saraiva