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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20172D computational modeling of optical trapping effects on malaria-infected red blood cellsJoana Isabel Paiva; Ribeiro,RSR; Pedro Jorge; Carla Carmelo Rosa; Guerreiro,A; João Paulo Cunha
2016An automatic method for arterial pulse waveform recognition using KNN and SVM classifiersPereira,T; Joana Isabel Paiva; Correia,C; Cardoso,J
2017Beat-ID: Towards a computationally low-cost single heartbeat biometric identity check system based on electrocardiogram wave morphologyJoana Isabel Paiva; Duarte Filipe Dias; João Paulo Cunha
2017Beat-to-beat ECG features for time resolution improvements in stress detectionAxman,D; Joana Isabel Paiva; de La Torre,F; João Paulo Cunha
2016Changes in ST, QT and RR ECG intervals during acute stress in firefighters: A pilot studyJoana Isabel Paiva; Susana Cristina Rodrigues; João Paulo Cunha
2018Cognitive impact and psychophysiological effects of stress using a biomonitoring platformSusana Cristina Rodrigues; Joana Isabel Paiva; Dias,D; Cunha,JPS; Aleixo,M; Filipe,RM; 6322; 6260
2017Computational modeling of red blood cells trapping using Optical Fiber TweezersJoana Isabel Paiva; Ana Rita Ribeiro; Pedro Jorge; Carla Carmelo Rosa; João Paulo Cunha
2016Effects of perceived stress and fatigue in Firefighters cognitive performance: a pilot studySusana Cristina Rodrigues; Joana Isabel Paiva; Pimentel,G; Silva Cunha,JPS
2018Optical Fiber Tips for Biological Applications: from Light Confinement, Biosensing to Bioparticles ManipulationJoana Isabel Paiva; Pedro Jorge; Carla Carmelo Rosa; João Paulo Cunha
2016Regression Approach for Automatic Detection of Attention LapsesGeorgieva,K; Georgieva,P; Georgieva,O; Ribeiro,MJ; Joana Isabel Paiva
2018Single Particle Differentiation through 2D Optical Fiber Trapping and Back-Scattered Signal Statistical Analysis: An Exploratory ApproachJoana Isabel Paiva; Ribeiro,RSR; João Paulo Cunha; Carla Carmelo Rosa; Pedro Jorge
2016Spontaneous fluctuations in sensory processing predict within-subject reaction time variabilityRibeiro,MJ; Joana Isabel Paiva; Castelo Branco,M
2018Supervised learning methods for pathological arterial pulse wave differentiation: A SVM and neural networks approachJoana Isabel Paiva; Cardoso,J; Pereira,T