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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015AIS-Enabled Collision Avoidance Strategies for Autonomous SailboatsJosé Carlos Alves; Nuno Cruz
2012A Cellular Genetic Algorithm Architecture for FPGAsPedro Manuel Santos; José Carlos Alves
2017Cooperative deep water seafloor mapping with heterogeneous robotic platformsPinto,A; Dias,A; Melo,J; Alfredo Martins; Abreu,N; Almeida,J; Almeida,R; José Carlos Alves; Carlos Filipe Gonçalves; Ferreira,H; Ferreira,B; Nuno Cruz; Silva,E; Aníbal Matos; Hugo Miguel Silva; Eduardo Silva; Vitor Hugo Pinto; 5570; 258; 5155; 5158; 5429; 5473; 6852; 6920
2010Erlang Inspired HardwareJoão Canas Ferreira; Paulo Ferreira; José Carlos Alves
2011Experiment@PortugalMaria Teresa Restivo; José Carlos Alves; Alberto Cardoso
2015An FPGA Framework for Genetic Algorithms: Solving the Minimum Energy Broadcast Problemdos Santos,PV; José Carlos Alves; João Canas Ferreira
2012FPGA-based High-Level Design Strategies to Accelerate a 3D Path Planning AlgorithmJoão Paiva Cardoso; João Teixeira; Ali Azarian; José Carlos Alves
2000FPGAs Based Hardware Applied to Block-Based Motion Estimation for Real-time Video ProcessingLuís Corte Real; José Carlos Alves; Jaime Cardoso
2013A framework for hardware cellular genetic algorithms: An application to spectrum allocation in cognitive radioDos Santos,PV; José Carlos Alves; João Canas Ferreira
2012Hardware acceleration of a Stereo Navigation application with high-level C to HW synthesisJosé Carlos Alves; João Paiva Cardoso; Zlatko Petrov; João Vilela Teixeira
2015Integration of Wind Propulsion in an Electric ASVNuno Cruz; José Carlos Alves; Guedes,T; Rodrigues,R; Vitor Hugo Pinto; Campos,D; Silva,D
2015A mission programming system for an autonomous sailboatJosé Carlos Alves; Nuno Cruz
2015Navigation performance of an autonomous sailing robotNuno Cruz; José Carlos Alves
2014Permanent Ocean Presence With Autonomous Sailing Robots Wind-Propelled Vessels Foster Long Missions With Precise ManeuveringJosé Carlos Alves; Nuno Cruz
2005A processor for testing mixed-signal cores in System-on-ChipFrancisco Xavier Duarte; José Silva Matos; José Carlos Alves; José Machado da Silva; António Gabriel Pinho
2008A project driven digital design course using FPGAsJosé Carlos Alves; António Araújo
2015REX 2014-Robotic Exercises 2014 Multi-robot field trialsMarques,MM; Alfredo Martins; Aníbal Matos; Nuno Cruz; José Miguel Almeida; José Carlos Alves; Lobo,V; Eduardo Silva
2012A Scalable Array for Cellular Genetic Algorithms: TSP as Case StudyJoão Canas Ferreira; Pedro Manuel Santos; José Carlos Alves
2012Specifying Compiler Strategies for FPGA-based SystemsJosé Carlos Alves; João Paiva Cardoso; Nome Apelido
2016Strengthening marine and maritime research and technologyEduardo Silva; Alfredo Martins; De Sa,FA; André Dias; Matos,A; Olivier,A; Pinho,C; Hugo Alexandre Ferreira; Hugo Miguel Silva; José Carlos Alves; José Miguel Almeida; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Manuel Ricardo; Nuno Cruz; Nuno Dias; Monica,P; Pedro Jorge; Rui Lopes Campos