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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Accessibility levels of Portuguese enterprise websites: equal opportunities for all?Manuel Au-Yong Oliveira; José Martins; Jorge Pereira; João José Ferreira; Ramiro Gonçalves
2017Bistability of Evolutionary Stable Vaccination Strategies in the Reinfection SIRI ModelJosé Martins; Alberto Pinto
2010Dynamics of Epidemiological ModelsAlberto Pinto; Nico Stollenwerk; Maíra Aguiar; José Martins
2012Enterprise Web Accessibility Levels Amongst the Forbes 250: Where Art Thou O Virtuous Leader?José Martins; Manuel Au-Yong Oliveira; Jorge Pereira; Ramiro Gonçalves
2011On the series expansion of the spatial SIS evolution operatorN. Stollenwerk; M. Aguiar; José Martins; Alberto Pinto
2007The phase transition lines in pair approximation for the basic reinfection model SIRIJosé Martins; Alberto Pinto
2016A repeated strategy for dumpingJosé Martins; Banik,N; Alberto Pinto
2009A scaling analysis in the SIRI epidemiological modelAlberto Pinto; Nico Stollenwerk; José Martins
2012Scaling of Stochasticity in Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever EpidemicsJosé Martins; M. Aguiar; B. W. Kooi; N. Stollenwerk
2010A spatially stochastic epidemic model with partial immunization shows in mean field approximation the reinfection thresholdSander van Noort; Gabriela Gomes; Nico Stollenwerk; Maíra Aguiar; Alberto Pinto; José Martins
2012Stationarity in Moment Closure and Quasi-Stationarity of the SIS modelAlberto Pinto; N. Stollenwerk; José Martins