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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016BLUECOM plus : Cost-effective Broadband Communications at Remote Ocean AreasRui Lopes Campos; Tiago Telmo Oliveira; Nuno Cruz; Aníbal Matos; José Miguel Almeida
2012Environmental modeling with precision navigation using ROAZ autonomous surface vehicleJosé Miguel Almeida; Hugo Miguel Ferreira; Carlos Almeida; Eduardo Silva; Guilherme Silva; André Dias; Alfredo Martins
2016MarinEye - A tool for marine monitoringAlfredo Martins; André Dias; Eduardo Silva; Hugo Alexandre Ferreira; Ireneu Dias; José Miguel Almeida; Luís Torgo; Goncalves,M; Maurício Oliveira Guedes; Nuno Dias; Pedro Jorge; Mucha,AP; Magalhaes,C; Carvalho,MDF; Ribeiro,H; Almeida,CMR; Azevedo,I; Ramos,S; Borges,T; Leandro,SM; Maranhao,P; Mouga,T; Gamboa,R; Lemos,M; dos Santos,A; Silva,A; Frazao e Teixeira,BFE; Bartilotti,C; Marques,R; Cotrim,S
2016Multiple robot operations for maritime search and rescue in euRathlon 2015 competitionAníbal Matos; Alfredo Martins; André Dias; Bruno Miguel Ferreira; José Miguel Almeida; Hugo Alexandre Ferreira; Amaral,G; Figueiredo,A; Rui Miguel Almeida; Silva,F
2015Real time visual SLAM for underwater robotic inspectionMeireles,M; Lourenco,R; Dias,A; José Miguel Almeida; Hugo Miguel Silva; Alfredo Martins
2015REX 2014-Robotic Exercises 2014 Multi-robot field trialsMarques,MM; Alfredo Martins; Aníbal Matos; Nuno Cruz; José Miguel Almeida; José Carlos Alves; Lobo,V; Eduardo Silva
2016Strengthening marine and maritime research and technologyEduardo Silva; Alfredo Martins; De Sa,FA; André Dias; Matos,A; Olivier,A; Pinho,C; Hugo Alexandre Ferreira; Hugo Miguel Silva; José Carlos Alves; José Miguel Almeida; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Manuel Ricardo; Nuno Cruz; Nuno Dias; Monica,P; Pedro Jorge; Rui Lopes Campos
2015Structured Light System Calibration for Perception in Underwater TanksFlávio Moreira Lopes; Hugo Miguel Silva; José Miguel Almeida; Eduardo Silva
2015Structured Light System for Underwater Inspection OperationsFlávio Moreira Lopes; Hugo Miguel Silva; José Miguel Almeida; Alfredo Martins; Eduardo Silva
2015TEC4SEA - A modular platform for research, test and validation of technologies supporting a sustainable blue economyMonica,P; Alfredo Martins; Olivier,A; Aníbal Matos; José Miguel Almeida; Nuno Cruz; José Carlos Alves; Henrique Salgado; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Pedro Jorge; Rui Lopes Campos; Manuel Ricardo; Pinho,C; Silva,A; Jesus,S; Eduardo Silva
2016UAV trials for multi-spectral imaging target detection and recognition in maritime environmentHugo Miguel Silva; José Miguel Almeida; Flávio Moreira Lopes; Ribeiro,JP; Sara Costa Freitas; Guilherme Amaral Silva; Almeida,C; Alfredo Martins; Eduardo Silva
2016Use of multi-domain robots in search and rescue operations - contributions of the ICARUS team to the euRathlon 2015 challengeMarques,MM; Parreira,R; Lobo,V; Alfredo Martins; Aníbal Matos; Nuno Cruz; José Miguel Almeida; José Carlos Alves; Eduardo Silva; Bedkowski,J; Majek,K; Pelka,M; Musialik,P; Hugo Alexandre Ferreira; André Dias; Bruno Miguel Ferreira; Guilherme Amaral Silva; Figueiredo,A; Rui Miguel Almeida; Silva,F; Serrano,D; Moreno,G; De Cubber,G; Balta,H; Beglerovic,H
2015Water jet based autonomous surface vehicle for coastal waters operationsMachado,D; Alfredo Martins; José Miguel Almeida; Hugo Alexandre Ferreira; Amaral,G; Bruno Miguel Ferreira; Aníbal Matos; Eduardo Silva