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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Assessing low voltage network constraints in distributed energy resources planningCalvillo,CF; Sanchez Miralles,A; José Villar
2015Bi-level optimization of electricity tariffs and PV distributed generation investmentsCervilla,C; José Villar; Campos,FA
2016Combined penetration of wind and solar generation with plug-in electric vehiclesJosé Villar; Salas,E; Alberto Campos,A
2015A conjectural supply function equilibrium in energy and reserve for a weekly horizonGonzález,P; José Villar; Díaz,C; Campos,FA
2013Cost-benefit analysis of plug-in electric vehicles penetrationJosé Villar; Trigo,I; Diaz,CA; Gonzalez,P
2013Distributed energy generation in smart citiesCalvillo,CF; Sanchez,A; José Villar
2016Dynamics of Market Power in ERCOT System: A Fundamental CSFE With Network ConstraintsDiaz,CA; Webster,MD; José Villar; Campos,A
2017Endogenous secondary reserves requirements in long-term electricity generation modelsCampos,FA; Domenech,S; José Villar
2016Energy management and planning in smart citiesCalvillo,CF; Sanchez Miralles,A; José Villar
2017Estimation of the Spanish secondary reserves requirementsJosé Villar; Campos,FA; Domenech,S; Diaz,CA
2014Existence and uniqueness of conjectured supply function equilibriaDiaz,CA; Alberto Campos,FA; José Villar
2018Flexibility products and markets: Literature reviewJosé Villar; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Manuel Matos
2013Hourly energy and reserve joint dispatch with a hydro-thermal technological based representationGonzalez,P; José Villar; Diaz,CA; Campos,FA
2017Impact of EV penetration in the interconnected urban environment of a smart cityCalvillo,C; Sánchez-Miralles,A; José Villar; Martín,F
2014Joint energy and reserve markets: Current implementations and modeling trendsGonzalez,P; José Villar; Diaz,CA; Alberto Campos,FA
2016Optimal planning and operation of aggregated distributed energy resources with market participationCalvillo,CF; Sanchez Miralles,A; José Villar; Martin,F
2015Optimal planning and operation of distributed energy resources considering uncertainty on EVsMartin,F; Sanchez Miralles,A; José Villar; Calvillo,CF; Soder,L
2016Price-maker optimal planning and operation of distributed energy resourcesCalvillo,CF; Sanchez Miralles,A; José Villar
2015Profitability measures and cost minimization in electricity generation investmentsCampos,FA; José Villar; Cervilla,C