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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Billions of impoverished people deserve to be better served A call to action for the service research communityFisk,RP; Anderson,L; Bowen,DE; Gruber,T; Ostrom,A; Lia Patrício; Reynoso,J; Sebastiani,R
2017A bricolage perspective on service innovationWitell,L; Gebauer,H; Jaakkola,E; Hammedi,W; Lia Patrício; Perks,H
2012Customer experience modeling: From customer experience to service designLarry Constantine; Jorge Daniel Teixeira; Lia Patrício; Leonel Nóbrega; Raymond Fisk
2013Development of an extended Kansei engineering method to incorporate experience requirements in product-service system designRui Carreira; Lia Patrício; Jorge,RN; Magee,CL
2013Dynamic multi-interface services: An application to the design of a multimedia serviceJorge Daniel Teixeira; Lia Patrício; Huang,KH; Nobrega,L; Constantine,L; Fisk,RP
2015"Futurizing" smart service: implications for service researchers and managersWuenderlich,NV; Heinonen,K; Ostrom,AL; Lia Patrício; Sousa,R; Voss,C; Lemmink,JGAM
2013Healthcare professionals as customers: A service perspective on Portuguese primary care health information systemsJorge Daniel Teixeira; Lia Patrício; Nobrega,L; Constantine,L; Fisk,RP
2017The MINDS Method: Integrating Management and Interaction Design Perspectives for Service DesignJorge Daniel Teixeira; Lia Patrício; Huang,KH; Fisk,RP; Nobrega,L; Constantine,L
2011Multilevel Service Design: From Customer Value Constellation to Service Experience BlueprintingRaymond Risk; Lia Patrício; Larry Constantine; João Falcão Cunha
2016PSS offering in a B2B context: towards the drivers to enable integrated solutionsBattaglia,D; Borchardt,M; Lia Patrício
2015Service Research Priorities in a Rapidly Changing ContextOstrom,AL; Parasuraman,A; Bowen,DE; Lia Patrício; Voss,CA
2013Towards a holistic approach to the travel experience: A qualitative study of bus transportationRui Carreira; Lia Patrício; Jorge,RN; Magee,C; Hommes,QV
2013Understanding participation in company social networksMartins,CS; Lia Patrício
2014Understanding the travel experience and its impact on attitudes, emotions and loyalty towards the transportation provider-A quantitative study with mid-distance bus tripsRui Carreira; Lia Patrício; Jorge,RN; Magee,C
2014Understanding value co-creation in complex services with many actorsPinho,N; Gabriela Beirão; Lia Patrício; Fisk,RP
2017Value cocreation in service ecosystems Investigating health care at the micro, meso, and macro levelsGabriela Beirão; Lia Patrício; Fisk,RP