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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Case studies on collaboration, technology and performance factors in business networksLuís Carneiro; António Lucas Soares; Patricio,R; Américo Azevedo; Jorge Pinho de Sousa
2013A Collaborative Planning Approach for Non-hierarchical Production NetworksAlmeida,R; César Toscano; Américo Azevedo; Luís Carneiro
2013Conceptual framework for non-hierarchical business networks for complex products design and manufacturingLuís Carneiro; Cunha,P; Ferreira,PS; Shamsuzzoha,A
2007Critical technologies for the North of Portugal in 2015: the case of ITCE sectors - information technologies, communication and electronicsLuís Carneiro; António Carrizo; Marta Tavares
2008Defining the regional innovation strategy for the year 2015: the case of the ITCE clusters in the North of PortugalCatarina Selada; António Carrizo; Luís Carneiro
2013Dynamic and collaborative business networks in the fashion industryShamsuzzoha,A; Kankaanpaa,T; Luís Carneiro; Almeida,R; Chiodi,A; Fornasiero,R
2007High performance collaborative networks: a realistic innovation or just an academic desire?Jorge Pinho de Sousa; Rui Patrício; Luís Carneiro; António Lucas Soares; Adília Isabel Alves; Ricardo Madureira
2016ICT-based solution approach for collaborative delivery of customised productsShamsuzzoha,A; César Toscano; Luís Carneiro; Kumar,V; Helo,P
2010An Innovative framework supporting business networks for complex product manufacturingAmérico Azevedo; Timmo Kankaanpaa; Ahm Shamsuzzoha; Ricardo João Almeida; Luís Carneiro
2012Methodological support to establish a collaborative non-hierarchical business network for complex product manufacturingLuís Carneiro; Ricardo João Almeida; A.H.M. Shamsuzzoha; Timo Kankaanpää
2014Reference model for collaborative manufacturing of customised products: applications in the fashion industryLuís Carneiro; Shamsuzzoha,AHM; Almeida,R; Américo Azevedo; Fornasiero,R; Ferreira,PS