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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014An adjustable sensor platform using dual wavelength measurements for optical colorimetric sensitive filmsCarlos Manuel Machado; Gouveia,C; João Ferreira; Kovacs,B; Pedro Jorge; Luís Lopes
2014An architecture for seamless configuration, deployment, and management of wireless sensor-actuator networksEdgard Santos Neto; Mendes,R; Luís Lopes
2016Benchmarking Wireless Protocols for Feasibility in Supporting Crowdsourced Mobile ComputingJoão Filipe Rodrigues; Joaquim Magalhães Silva; Rolando Martins; Luís Lopes; Drolia,U; Narasimhan,P; Fernando Silva
2011Clustering distributed sensor data streams using local processing and reduced communicationJoão Gama; Pedro Pereira Rodrigues; Luís Lopes
2017P3-Mobile: Parallel Computing for Mobile Edge-CloudsJoaquim Magalhães Silva; Silva,D; Eduardo Brandão Marques; Luís Lopes; Fernando Silva
2012Parallel discovery of network motifsFernando Silva; Pedro Manuel Ribeiro; Luís Lopes
2016A safe-by-design programming language for wireless sensor networksLuís Lopes; Martins,F
2013Stheno, a real-time fault-tolerant P2P middleware platform for light-train systemsRolando Martins; Luís Lopes; Fernando Silva; Narasimhan,P
2017Streaming sensor data from dynamically reprogrammable tasks running on mobile devicesSilva,N; Eduardo Brandão Marques; Luís Lopes
2017Towards a middleware for mobile edge-cloud applicationsJoão Filipe Rodrigues; Eduardo Brandão Marques; Luís Lopes; Fernando Silva
2015Towards Out-of-the-Box Programming of Wireless Sensor-Actuator NetworksGil Castro Ferro; Silva,R; Luís Lopes
2017Using Edge-Clouds to Reduce Load on Traditional WiFi Infrastructures and Improve Quality of ExperiencePedro Pinto Silva; João Filipe Rodrigues; Joaquim Magalhães Silva; Rolando Martins; Luís Lopes; Fernando Silva