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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Automatic Parameterization for Expeditious Modelling of Virtual Urban Environments - A New Hybrid MetaheuristicFilipe Cruz; António Coelho; Luís Paulo Reis
2012Beat tracking for multiple applications: A multi-agent system architecture with state recoveryLuís Paulo Reis; João Lobato Oliveira; Fabien Gouyon; Matthew Davies
2013FEUPCAR 2.0: Overview of a Low-cost Robot for Autonomous Driving CompetitionsVidal,AA; Luís Paulo Reis; António Paulo Moreira
2012Human versus Virtual Robotics Soccer: A Technical AnalysisLuís Paulo Reis; Pedro Abreu; João Mendes Moreira; Israel Costa; Júlio Garganta; Daniel Castelão
2008Hybrid Heuristic Methodologies applied in the Parameterization of Virtual Urban EnvironmentsFilipe Cruz; Luís Paulo Reis; António Coelho
2013Increasing Illumination Invariance of SURF Feature Detector through Color ConstancyPetry,MR; António Paulo Moreira; Luís Paulo Reis
2013IntellWheels: Intelligent wheelchair with user-centered designPetry,MR; António Paulo Moreira; Brígida Mónica Faria; Luís Paulo Reis
2011Location and Automatic Trajectory Calculation of Mobile Objects using Radio Frequency IdentificationMarcelo Petry; José Xavier; Pedro Henriques Abreu; Luís Paulo Reis
2009Modelação Expedita de Edifícios Monumentais a partir de Descrições TextuaisLuís Paulo Reis; António Coelho; Roberto Rodrigues
2012Optimization Approach for the Development of Humanoid Robots' BehaviorsLuís Paulo Reis; Luís Cruz; Armando Sousa; Nuno Lau
2012Overcoming Motor-Rate Limitations in Online Synchronized Robot DancingLuís Paulo Reis; Armando Sousa; Catarina Brito Santiago; Fabien Gouyon; João Lobato Oliveira
2012A parameterizable spatiotemporal representation of popular dance styles for humanoid dancing charactersMarc Leman; João Lobato Oliveira; Luiz Naveda; Fabien Gouyon; Luís Paulo Reis; Paulo Sousa
2014A Profitable Online No-Limit Poker Playing AgentTeofilo,LF; Luís Paulo Reis; Cardoso,HL
2011Pseudo Fuzzy Colour Calibration for Sport Video SegmentationCatarina Brito Santiago; Armando Sousa; Luís Paulo Reis
2016Robot 2015: Second Iberian Robotics conference: Advances in robotics, volume 1Luís Paulo Reis; António Paulo Moreira; Lima,PU; Montano,L; Muñoz Martinez,V
2012Tracking Players in Indoor Sports Using a Vision System Inspired in Fuzzy and Parallel ProcessingCatarina Brito Santiago; Luís Paulo Reis; José Lobinho Gomes; Armando Sousa
2014Using Kalman Filters to Reduce Noise from RFID Location SystemAbreu,PH; Xavier,J; Silva,DC; Luís Paulo Reis; Marcelo Petry; 5741; 5240
2014Using model-based collaborative filtering techniques to recommend the expected best strategy to defeat a simulated soccer opponentAbreu,PH; Silva,DC; Portela,J; João Mendes Moreira; Luís Paulo Reis
2013Vision system for tracking handball players using fuzzy color processingSantiago,CB; Armando Sousa; Luís Paulo Reis