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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Analyzing the behavior dynamics of grain price indexes using Tucker tensor decomposition and spatio-temporal trajectoriesCorrea,FE; Márcia Barbosa Oliveira; João Gama; Correa,PLP; Rady,J
2012Anomaly detection from telecommunication data using three-way analysisMárcia Barbosa Oliveira; João Gama; Hadi Fanaee Tork
2010Bipartite Graphs for Monitoring Clusters TransitionsJoão Gama; Márcia Barbosa Oliveira
2014Dynamic communities in evolving customer networks: an analysis using landmark and sliding windowsMárcia Barbosa Oliveira; Guerreiro,A; João Gama
2016Empirical analysis of the Portuguese governments social networkNuno Miguel Moniz; Louca,F; Márcia Barbosa Oliveira; Renato Araújo Soeiro
2012Event and anomaly detection using Tucker3 decompositionHadi Fanaee Tork; Ricardo Morla; Márcia Barbosa Oliveira; João Gama
2011Extraction of Events in Agribusiness Data Marts of Brazil Using Tucker DecompositionJoão Gama; Fernando E. Correa; Lucílio R. A. Alves; Pedro L. P. Corrêa; Márcia Barbosa Oliveira
2015A framework for analysing dynamic communities in large-scale social networksVítor Manuel Cerqueira; Márcia Barbosa Oliveira; João Gama
2012A framework to monitor clusters evolution applied to economy and finance problemsJoão Gama; Márcia Barbosa Oliveira
2010MEC - Monitoring Clusters' TransitionsJoão Gama; Márcia Barbosa Oliveira
2012An overview of social network analysisJoão Gama; Márcia Barbosa Oliveira
2016Social Network Analysis in Streaming Call GraphsRui Portocarrero Sarmento; Márcia Barbosa Oliveira; Mário Miguel Cordeiro; Shazia Tabassum; João Gama
2012Trajectories of Evolving Communities in Social NetworksJoão Gama; Márcia Barbosa Oliveira
2010Understanding Clusters' EvolutionJoão Gama; Márcia Barbosa Oliveira
2013Visualization of evolving social networks using actor-level and community-level trajectoriesMárcia Barbosa Oliveira; João Gama
2011Visualizing the Evolution of Social NetworksMárcia Barbosa Oliveira; João Gama
2012Where Are We Going? Predicting the Evolution of IndividualsZaigham Faraz Siddiqui; Márcia Barbosa Oliveira; João Gama; Myra Spiliopoulou