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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015ADSNARK: Nearly Practical and Privacy-Preserving Proofs on Authenticated DataBackes,M; Manuel Barbosa; Fiore,D; Reischuk,RM
2014CAOVerif: An open-source deductive verification platform for cryptographic software implementationsJosé Bacelar Almeida; Manuel Barbosa; Filliatre,JC; Jorge Sousa Pinto; Vieira,B
2013Certified computer-aided cryptography: Efficient provably secure machine code from high-level implementationsJosé Bacelar Almeida; Manuel Barbosa; Barthe,G; Dupressoir,F
2014Compiling CAO: From cryptographic specifications to C implementationsManuel Barbosa; Castro,D; Paulo Filipe Silva
2017A Fast and Verified Software Stack for Secure Function EvaluationJosé Bacelar Almeida; Manuel Barbosa; Barthe,G; Dupressoir,F; Grégoire,B; Laporte,V; Vítor Parreira Pereira
2013Formal verification of side-channel countermeasures using self-compositionJosé Bacelar Almeida; Manuel Barbosa; Jorge Sousa Pinto; Vieira,B
2016Foundations of Hardware-Based Attested Computation and Application to SGXManuel Barbosa; Bernardo Luís Portela; Scerri,G; Warinschi,B
2017Jasmin: High-Assurance and High-Speed CryptographyJosé Bacelar Almeida; Manuel Barbosa; Barthe,G; Blot,A; Grégoire,B; Laporte,V; Oliveira,T; Hugo Pereira Pacheco; Schmidt,B; Strub,PY
2013On the relationship between functional encryption, obfuscation, and fully homomorphic encryptionAlwen,J; Manuel Barbosa; Farshim,P; Gennaro,R; Gordon,SD; Tessaro,S; Wilson,DA
2013On the semantic security of functional encryption schemesManuel Barbosa; Farshim,P
2017Performance trade-offs on a secure multi-party relational databaseRogério António Pontes; Pinto,Mario; Manuel Barbosa; Vilaça,Ricardo; Matos,Miguel; Rui Carlos Oliveira
2016Private Functional Encryption: Indistinguishability-Based Definitions and Constructions from ObfuscationArriaga,A; Manuel Barbosa; Farshim,P
2014The Related-Key Analysis of Feistel ConstructionsManuel Barbosa; Farshim,P
2016A Tool-Chain for High-Assurance Cryptographic SoftwareJosé Bacelar Almeida; Manuel Barbosa; Hugo Pereira Pacheco; Pereira,V
2016Verifiable Side-Channel Security of Cryptographic Implementations: Constant-Time MEE-CBCJosé Bacelar Almeida; Manuel Barbosa; Barthe,G; Dupressoir,F
2016Verifying Constant-Time ImplementationsJosé Bacelar Almeida; Manuel Barbosa; Barthe,G; Dupressoir,F; Emmi,M