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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Data Quality in HL7 Messages - A Real Case AnalysisFerreira,R; Manuel Eduardo Correia; Rocha Goncalves,F; Cruz Correia,R
2016Digital Signatures Workflows in AlfrescoPatrícia Raquel Sousa; Faria,P; Manuel Eduardo Correia; João Soares Resende; Luís Filipe Antunes
2014Envisioning secure and usable access control for patientsFerreira,AM; Lenzini,G; Pereira,CS; Augusto,AB; Manuel Eduardo Correia
2013A mobile-based attribute aggregation architecture for user-centric identity managementAugusto,AB; Manuel Eduardo Correia
2013Physician's awareness of e-prescribing security risksRodrigues,H; Luís Filipe Antunes; Cristina Costa Santos; Manuel Eduardo Correia; Pinho,TM; Magalhaes,HG
2013A Potpourri of authentication mechanisms The mobile device wayMartins,RA; Alexandre Barbosa Augusto; Manuel Eduardo Correia
2013Proposal of a Secure Electronic Prescription SystemMalheiro Rodrigues,HAM; Luís Filipe Antunes; Manuel Eduardo Correia
2017A qualitative research evaluation of a Portuguese computerized cancer registrySantos Pereira,C; Cruz Correia,R; António Carvalho Brito; Augusto,AB; Manuel Eduardo Correia; Bento,MJ; Antunes,L
2013A Secure and Dynamic Mobile Identity Wallet Authorization Architecture Based on a XMPP Messaging InfrastructureAlexandre Barbosa Augusto; Manuel Eduardo Correia
2013A secure RBAC mobile agent access control model for Healthcare InstitutionsSantos Pereira,C; Alexandre Barbosa Augusto; Ricardo Correia; Manuel Eduardo Correia
2013A secure RBAC mobile agent model for healthcare institutions - Preliminary studySantos Pereira,C; Augusto,AB; Ricardo Correia; Manuel Eduardo Correia
2010Temporal Anomaly Detection: An Artificial Immune Approach Based on T Cell Activation, Clonal Size Regulation and HomeostasisManuel Eduardo Correia; Mário João Antunes
2015Time/Space based Biometric Handwritten Signature VerificationRicardo Pereira Gonçalves; Augusto,AB; Manuel Eduardo Correia
2014USB Connection Vulnerabilities on Android Smartphones: Default and Vendors' CustomizationsPereira,A; Manuel Eduardo Correia; Brandao,P
2015Visualization of passively extracted HL7 production metricsFerreira,R; Manuel Eduardo Correia; Rocha Goncalves,F; Cruz Correia,R