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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20172017 Wireless Days, Porto, Portugal, March 29-31, 2017Manuel Ricardo; Campos,Rui; Ruela,Jose; Ricardo Morla; Teixeira,Filipe; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Salgado,Henrique
2011Analyzing the Behavior of a new Joint Radio Resource Management StrategyHermes del Monego; José Manuel Oliveira; Manuel Ricardo
2011Application-Driven design to extend WSN lifetimeBruno Filipe Marques; Manuel Ricardo
2016Call admission control for wireless mesh network based on power interference modeling using directional antennaSaravanan Kandasamy; Marques,C; Calcada,T; Manuel Ricardo; Matos,R; Sargento,S
2014Characterization of the impact of network topology on the performance of single-radio wireless mesh networksCalcada,T; Manuel Ricardo
2015CIDRarchy: CIDR-based ns-3 routing protocol for large scale network simulationPedro Miguel Silva; Jaime Dias; Manuel Ricardo
2013Context-aware low-energy Wi-Fi sensor networks for e-healthCarvalho,L; Rui Lopes Campos; Manuel Ricardo
2015Cross-Layer Admission Control to Enhance the Support of Real-Time Applications in WSNPedro Filipe Pinto; António Pinto; Manuel Ricardo
2005The DAIDALOS Architecture for QoS over Heterogeneous Wireless NetworksManuel Ricardo; Gustavo João Carneiro
2015Delay Accounting Optimization Procedure to Enhance End-to-End Delay Estimation in WSNsPedro Filipe Pinto; António Pinto; Manuel Ricardo
2006Dynamic and Automatic Connection of Personal Area Networks to the Global InternetManuel Ricardo; Rui Lopes Campos
2005Dynamic and Automatic Interworking between Personal Area Networks using CompositionJosé Ruela; Manuel Ricardo; Rui Lopes Campos; Carlos Pinho
2005Dynamic Autoconfiguration in 4G Networks: Problem Statement and Preliminary SolutionManuel Ricardo; Rui Lopes Campos
2013The Effect of Data Aggregation on the Performance of a Wireless Sensor Network Employing a Polling Based Data Collecting TechniqueAbdellatif,MM; José Manuel Oliveira; Manuel Ricardo
2010An Efficient Mechanism for Establishing IP Connectivity in Next Generation NetworksManuel Ricardo; Rui Lopes Campos
2013End-to-End Delay Estimation using RPL Metrics in WSNPedro Filipe Pinto; António Pinto; Manuel Ricardo
2014Energy-aware routing for biomedical wireless sensor networksCarlos Jorge Abreu; Manuel Ricardo; Mendes,PM
2017Energy-efficient node selection in application-driven WSNMarques,B; Manuel Ricardo
2014Energy-efficient wireless multimedia sensor networks using FM as a control channelSousa,F; Rui Lopes Campos; Manuel Ricardo
2011Evaluating Location Fingerprinting Methods for Underground GSM Networks deployed over Leaky FeederFernando Joaquim Pereira; Manuel Ricardo; Christian Theis; Adriano Moreira