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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020AdaptPack Studio: an automated intelligent framework for offline factory programmingJoão Pedro Souza; Manuel Santos Silva; Luís Freitas Rocha; Castro,AL; 5655; 7366; 5364
2019AdaptPack Studio: Automatic Offline Robot Programming Framework for Factory EnvironmentsJoão Pedro Souza; Manuel Santos Silva; Luís Freitas Rocha; Castro,A; 5655; 7366; 5364
2019Airfoil Selection and Wingsail Design for an Autonomous SailboatBenedita Malheiro; Manuel Santos Silva; Guedes,P; Ferreira,P; 5655; 5855
2018Application for automatic programming of palletizing robotsManuel Santos Silva; Moura,FM; 5655
2015Biomechanical study of the Spider Crab as inspiration for the development of a biomimetic robotRynkevic,R; Manuel Santos Silva; Marques,MA
2018Collaborative Learning with Sustainability-driven Projects: A Summary of the EPS@ISEP ProgrammeManuel Santos Silva; Benedita Malheiro; Guedes,P; Duarte,AJ; Ferreira,P; 5655; 5855
2019Converting Robot Offline Programs to Native Code Using the AdaptPack Studio TranslatorsJoão Pedro Souza; Manuel Santos Silva; Relvas,P; Luís Freitas Rocha; Castro,A; 5655; 7366; 5364
2020Correction to: Robot 2019: Fourth Iberian Robotics ConferenceLuís Lima,J; Tardioli,D; Sanfeliu,A; Luís Paulo Reis; Manuel Santos Silva; 5655; 5741
2015Developing an aquaponics system to learn sustainability and social compromise skillsDuarte,AJ; Benedita Malheiro; Ribeiro,C; Manuel Santos Silva; Ferreira,P; Guedes,P
2013Development of a quadruped robot model in simmechanicsTMManuel Santos Silva; Barbosa,RS; Castro,TS
2016Development of an application for balancing product flow lines through genetic algorithmsManuel Santos Silva; Reis,C; Pimenta,R
2020Engineering Education for Sustainable Development: The European Project Semester ApproachBenedita Malheiro; Guedes,P; Fuentes Dura,P; Manuel Santos Silva; Perat,I; Duarte,AJ; Arno,E; Ferreira,P; 5655; 5855
2013The European Project Semester at ISEP Learning to Learn EngineeringBenedita Malheiro; Manuel Santos Silva; Ribeiro,MC; Guedes,P; Ferreira,P
2015The European Project Semester at ISEP: the challenge of educating global engineersBenedita Malheiro; Manuel Santos Silva; Ribeiro,MC; Guedes,P; Ferreira,P
2019Fostering Professional Competencies in Engineering Undergraduates with EPS@ISEPGuedes,P; Benedita Malheiro; Manuel Santos Silva; Ferreira,P; 5855; 5655
2015Identification of marks on tires using artificial vision for quality controlDias,AP; Manuel Santos Silva; Lima,N; Guedes,R
2013An Industrial Robotics Course Based on a Graphical Simulation PackageManuel Santos Silva
2019Introduction to the Special Issue “Robotica 2016”José Lima; Cunha,B; Manuel Santos Silva; Leitao,P; 5156; 5655
2019Learning Engineering with EPS@ISEP: Developing Projects for Smart Sustainable CitiesFerreira,P; Guedes,P; Benedita Malheiro; Manuel Santos Silva; 5655; 5855